Human Rights Day is in 5 days – coming up on December 10th, it is the day that celebrates the recognition of the inalienable rights every human being is entitled to, regardless of status.

It seems obvious that every human being should be treated with respect, equality, and dignity. However, there are those who seek to exploit others, so as allies and advocates, we need to shine a light on the crimes that often happen in the dark and improve the lives of those who have experienced human rights violations

5 Simple ways

How do we enact change? Below are 5 simple ways to switch focus and get started towards making a difference!

1. Educate

Expand your knowledge and go beyond mainstream media. Carry out research and have challenging discussions to gather different perspectives and opinions. Follow the Freedom Hub’s social media pages – we’re always sharing stories and the latest developments in the plight for freedom from slavery.

2. Involve

Start talking about it with those around you – friends, family, peers, and even colleagues if appropriate to the conversation. There could be someone just waiting for that nugget of information that will tip them over the edge, where they can’t stand aside any longer, and they have to act.

3. Adapt

Be the change you want to see in the world. Economic prosperity and success shouldn’t be the outcome of companies that exploit their workers. Research which companies are making an effort to reduce or eradicate modern slavery in their supply chain and switch 2 good.

4. Advocate

Attend fundraising events run by organisations that dedicate themselves to bettering the lives of those in need of community support. The Freedom Hub regularly runs events to raise awareness. Wine tastings, High Teas, Fivers for Survivors Day events and markets. Find out more about our events here.

5. Volunteer

You can make a positive impact by donating your time and skills towards a mission you’re passionate about! Contact us at the Freedom Hub and ask for a volunteer pack and expression of interest form here.

Want to Make a Difference NOW?

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Partner in our Community

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