Partners are essential to ending Modern Slavery. The Freedom Hub mission is to end slavery in Australia, help victims recover and PARTNER in the fight to end global slavery.

There are many ways that we partner to end slavery. At a high level, our founder sits on International, Pacific Region, National and State Committees to help form policies, measurements and create best practice. Within the business world we work with large and small businesses to help them address slavery in supply chains. At a local level with work with organisations to employ and train survivors of slavery. And from an awareness perspective we work with businesses, community partners and volunteers to keep the issue of slavery front of mind.

In todays article we asked a partner to write about why they have chosen to help us raise awareness and fight this crime……


We are Eco Salon Supplies, and we are Australia and New Zealand’s largest niche distributors of salon supplies specialising in sustainable and ethical alternatives. 

We provide more than just product, what we offer is a philosophy. So we offer a way for salons to live and work within their values that will ultimately transform the industry to become more socially and environmentally responsible. 

What we didn’t know was that modern slavery and human trafficking is real… and happening here in Australia. Then we learned that salons are hotspots for these crimes. Women are forced to work under unfair working conditions and experience abuse. An estimated 15,000 females and males are living life right now, in Australia, in completely terrifying circumstances. 

We had to find a way to help end this. 


Then we found The Freedom Hub. 


The first question we asked Sally (Founder of The Freedom Hub) was HOW? We were struggling to understand how 15,000 people could be in this situation, yet we don’t read or hear about it anywhere – not in the news, radio, websites or social media. Sally’s answer, because we don’t know they exist until they come forward (which is impossible for some of them). Many of these people end up in this situation on a promise of a better life, education, a secure job, and a secure income. However, these promises are taken away once they have arrived and they are trapped in a situation they can’t get out of. 

With our influence and connection with salons, we knew we have a real opportunity to educate and raise awareness about this. Given the personal nature of salon services, Salon workers are more intimate with their clients than most other professionals. They chat with them about sensitive topics, share opinions, and even advise on their daily routine. So, we’ve called on our Salon Partner’s to band together and beginning with #16DAYSOFFREEDOM whope to inspire people to become the voice for those who are needing help and empowering the people experiencing these crimes to seek help. 

Together with our Salon Partner’s and The Freedom Hub we can make a huge leap towards eradicating modern slavery and human trafficking – a FREE Australia. 

Visit one of our Salon Partner’s participating in #16DAYSOFFREEDOM: 

Todays photo is from @emmabrycehair


The Freedom Hub is so grateful for partners like Eco Salon Supplies. We have great plans for 2021 and are looking for more people and organisations to become a partner, across our nation and throughout the Pacific region. If you or your organisation would like to be more active and partner with us, contact us here.

Tomorrow’s Article: Women caught in Fashion Faux Pas



Thank you for your part in this 16 Days of Freedom. We cannot change culture without awareness so please share this post with your friends. Here are the hashtags for your share:   #16daysoffreedom  #freedomhuborg  #womensrights #orangetheworld

16 Days of Freedom is a campaign we are running to align with the UN awareness campaign United Nations’  UNiTE campaign on gender violence against women and girls. We are focussing on women and girls in modern slavery. For 16 days we will post a story to highlight the issue. To end the 16days we invite you to come to or host a Festive High Tea for Human Rights. These will be held on or near the UN Human Rights Day on the 10th December.

You can join our High Tea for Human Rights in Waterloo, Sydney, by clicking HERE.

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