7 Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning an Ethical Event

With a few clicks or a quick trip to the store, it seems that almost anything is at our fingertips. The easy and fast deliveries we are accustomed to is what makes it so tempting to forget about where our products come from. But many people are choosing to think deeper about what companies and businesses they are supporting with their dollars. This is what will lead you to have more ethical and sustainable events. We want to have a good time and make many memories, but it does not have to come at the expense of human rights and the environment.

So here are some questions to keep in mind as any event is being planned.


  • Where did the product come from, and can I find out where the materials were sourced from?

Many brands and companies that have sustainable and ethical practices are not going to hide it from you. If anything, it’s going to be a part of their vision, promotion, and maybe even branding. They want to be transparent because it’s an active choice for them to practice this way. Searching on the internet is a great way to get some answers, but feel free to ask them directly about their practices through a phone call or meeting. You are allowed to ask questions and be curious about what you are buying.



  • What is their history like?

For many companies and businesses, it will be hard to find if modern slavery or unsustainable practices are being used, that information could hurt them. However, it can be helpful to investigate the history of the company. Look to see if they have expanded or outsourced work to countries where modern slavery is common. Or if you find out what materials are necessary for them to make the products, you can question if they are using sustainable practices. Then you can always call to ask them further questions.


  • Is there an alternative option or provider that is more sustainable and ethical?

If you found something you love, but you don’t love the companies’ practices, use their product as an idea, instead of a must-have. Try thinking if it can be DIYed or purchased from another seller. If it’s the venue or catering, an internet search will most likely be able to tell you places and companies that have sustainable and ethical efforts.



  • Can it have multiple purposes?

From using washable cutlery and plates to locations that can have many purposes, anytime something can be used multiple times will create sustainability. It’s more obvious in things like washing plates or tablecloths. They’re not thrown away creating waste but used over and over.  However, using a local location for your event decreases the amount of time people need to travel in a car or public transportation. Thus, reducing pollution, carbon emissions, and greenhouse gasses- all harmful to our environment. No part of an event is too little or too big to question if it can be done sustainably.



  • Is it from a larger company or a smaller business?

The size of the company/ business does not project their ethical or sustainable practices. In fact, many large companies must make changes to their supply chains. This is due to Australia’s Modern Slavery Act. Also because customers are demanding more sustainable and ethical actions from companies. However, small businesses are typically more transparent about their actions and supply chains. Also supporting small businesses, especially locally, will directly help them.



  • How much do I love it or can I live without it?

A question you might not want to ask, but at times is necessary. Of course, we all want our special events to go just as we envision them, however, we are all part of a bigger picture. This picture includes taking care of our planet as well as our fellow people. And in our current day, it’s easy for us to turn a blind eye to it, thinking we can’t make a difference with how we plan one event.

But the truth is we can! We can set a precedent for how our future should be handled. We can show the power and enjoyment that comes from an ethical and sustainable event. And we can show that life can still be as full and fruitful for not just ourselves on our special days, but also for those we have conscious consideration for. It might just mean having to cut some things out that don’t align with our ethical and sustainable standards.



  • How do I feel about this decision?

If nothing else is persuading you one way or the other, ask yourself if the decision aligns with your values. At the end of the day, you want your event to represent who you are. If you feel confident in your choice, then that’s what matters. Hopefully, if you’re reading this article, it means you want to include ethical and sustainable efforts in your planning, but it can be difficult to do this 100% of the time. What matters is that you want to try, because why not do any little thing you can for those in need of compassion.

The Freedom Hub is a great space to hold any event. From weddings to bar mitzvahs to company parties, you and your guest can enjoy a beautiful time, all while helping survivors of modern-day slavery in Australia. Since we are asking questions, you are probably wondering how they go about this. Well, the Freedom Hub itself is also an everyday coffee shop with ethically source goods. Then the funds help The Freedom Hub Survival School. This is where those who have escaped modern-day slavery learn to rebuild their lives.

So, through and through The Freedom Hub is dedicated to helping people and you can too when hosting your event!



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Written by: Nicki Bettuzzi (a FH Volunteer)