Slavery Offence of Forced Labour in Victoria Australia

The crime of Modern Slavery includes forced labour and it happens right here in Australia. This article by The Age tells the sad story.

Farok Shaik never paid a cent to a woman and her husband. They cooked, cleaned and served food at his restaurants between August 2012 and October 2013. All in the knowledge the woman couldn’t leave the job because he was sponsoring her application to become a permanent resident.

The judge said he could be jailed for a slavery offence. Because he failed to pay $85,000 in wages to a couple and they worked for him for 14 months. Shaik has pleaded guilty to causing a person to remain in forced labour. And this carries a maximum nine years in prison.

The woman said in a victim impact statement the ordeal had left her sad, stressed, unable to sleep and prone to panic attacks. And while she and her husband worked for Shaik they were reliant on hand-outs from family. As a result, we couldn’t afford healthy food and considered suicide.

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