Calls for European Companies to Focus on Human Rights Abuses in Supply Chain.

We are always glad to read when governments are responding to the human rights abuse of modern slavery. Yes there is so much more to do. And it can often be overwhelming. The enormity of 40million people in slavery must be addressed. So every effort a business makes, takes a step forward and can have a big impact.

This article talks about the latest work being done in Europe to protect vulnerable workers.

‘On April 29, 2020, the European Commission announced plans to develop a legislative proposal by 2021 that will require EU companies to conduct mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence on their operations and global supply chains. If passed, the new law would also include provisions for corporate liability with possible sanctions imposed for non-compliance.

The European Commission’s announcement comes as part of wider efforts across the European Union to prevent human rights abuses and protect vulnerable workers, and comes in the same month as a call by over 100 institutional investors representing over US $4 trillion in assets under management for governments to introduce mandatory human rights due diligence.

A corporate offence of failing to prevent these abuses could require companies of all sizes to conduct risk-based due diligence and implement proportionate systems and controls to prevent human rights harms in the conduct of their own activities and the activities of their business relationships.’

Read the full article here.

We are grateful that Australia has been a global leader in fighting Modern Slavery through business. We still have a way to go. But it is a great start. The Freedom Hub Ethical Business Services helps all businesses, large or small, to check for modern slavery in their supply chains and services.

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