Easter Means Chocolate Time! Here’s How to Get Your Spring Fix Ethically

Easter is a time of eating chocolate– chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies. It is something we share with family and friends. There is no denying the happiness we feel when we bite into a piece of chocolate, but who makes our favorite, sweet snack?

The world’s source of cocoa beans is farmed majorly from the Ivory Coast and Ghana, where illegal labor practices consume much of the industry. Therefore, when we buy into large-name chocolate companies, such as Hershey’s, Cadbury, and Mars, we are supporting unethical labor practices. Thankfully, there is a way we can still eat chocolate and feel good about where it came from.


Where to buy Ethical Easter Chocolate


The Freedom Hub is dedicated to ending modern-day slavery in Australia. We find every chance to do so in a way that feels easy, so people can continue to live their lives while also contributing to the cause. One of these easy swap-outs can be done with our Easter chocolate. To ensure you are shopping sustainably for this staple food of the season, check out these brands!

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To ensure you are buying chocolate that is slave-free, look for the Fair Trade Certification, here. Simply select “Candy & Chocolate” in the drop-down menu on the left of the search bar, and access fair-trade chocolate companies’ websites. You may also type in the name of the chocolate company you are buying from to see if they show up in the website’s search engine.


We would like to highlight a company we smile highly upon– Tony’s Chocolonely. Tony’s is another brand we commend, as it is a company created in light of child and slave labor in the chocolate industry, with a mission to sell 100% slave-free (fair trade) chocolate. The company put out a statement a few weeks ago admitting that they had found this mission had not been met completely. We applaud their transparency and encourage other companies to do the same. Lying about what is set in action-plans will not help the cause to end child labor in cocoa, true action will, and transparency within it.


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