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Message from our CEO

Well it has been a flying start to 2019. There is so much to do! I am not sure I will ever feel undaunted by the responsibility on our shoulders helping victims of modern slavery recover from their trauma, navigating their daily problems and helping them try to see a...

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Celebrating new found survivors

When a survivor is referred to us at The Freedom Hub we celebrating. A referral means: They are no longer being held captive They are looking forward to their future They are making choices about their own life They are free This month we are celebrating three new...

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Survivor Success Story – Finding your way

I consider myself a proficient public transport user, but when I went to Melbourne for the first time I was like a deer in the headlights. Staring at tram maps, trying to figure out which way was up, which line should I take, where should I get off, am I even going in...

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Statistics 2018

What a big year 2018 has been! New Survivor School location in Pyrmont, a new Transition Coach employed, new charity partners and so much generosity from our business partners, donors and volunteers creating always more opportunities for survivors to evolve in a safe...

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Exciting Christmas holiday program for our survivors

Christmas time and holiday season can feel very lonely and frightening for survivors of modern slavery. Without family and only a few friends (if any), staying alone can be a real source of anguish, while getting out of their apartment on their own can be another...

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Goodbye & Thank you to Vanessa and Rebecca

After 4 months being part of the Freedom Hub teams, our lovely interns Vanessa Wilson and Rebecca Sorrel, will greatly be missed. Bringing tremendous support, along with their enthusiasm and great social work knowledge, Vanessa andRebecca definitely put their heart...

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NSW Modern Slavery Act passed in Parliament

2018 will long be remembered in the history of the fight to end modern slavery and human trafficking in Australia! Introduced and supported by Hon. Paul Green MLC (guest at our VIP event), the NSW Modern Slavery Act passed in Parliament on 21 June 2018. With this new...

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