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#Fivers4Survivors – First edition

Great success for this first edition of #Fivers4Survivors! With the support of the recruitment industry, over 25 companies and organisations played the game, encouraging their peers to give up a coffee and support the survivors of modern slavery rebuilding their lives.

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Spotlight on Forced Marriage

Attending the NSW Forced Marriage Network meeting in September, our team shares what they’ve learnt from key stakeholders to better collaborate, prevent and protect those who are at risk of forced marriage.

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NSW Modern Slavery Act passed in Parliament

2018 will long be remembered in the history of the fight to end modern slavery and human trafficking in Australia! Introduced and supported by Hon. Paul Green MLC (guest at our VIP event), the NSW Modern Slavery Act passed in Parliament on 21 June 2018. With this new...

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Sally Irwin – The Freedom Hub

Sally Irwin restored our faith in humanity when we first interviewed her about her fight for the futures of survivors of modern day slavery in Australia. This week Sally shares her journey, and the challenges she overcame, to found The Freedom Hub. Sally very aptly describes this stylish and ethically run café, wedding and event space as a business for purpose.

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Freedom Hub Cafe helping survivors of slavery

Anti-slavery experts are concerned about the growing number of forced marriages in Australia. Many victims live in fear, convinced they will be unable to rebuild their lives if they leave. But one organisation is helping survivors do exactly that.

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Stories of Freedom

How The Freedom Hub Started

Stop Slavery in Australia

Helping survivors of slavery in australia

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