25-30 July 2022

Be part of World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

You’re invited to join with us as we raise awareness about modern slavery and funds for the survivors of Australian slavery. 

 Calling all Australians to give a Small Amount to collaboratively make a Big Difference


Fivers for Survivors – 25-30 July 2022

This is one day a year (or one week, or a month) that you can mobilise all your networks, work buddies and friends to donate just $5 toward this cause.

Can you gather 5 people in your home or have a picnic?

Or can you gather 50 people on zoom, in the office or local hangout?

Maybe 500 people in your school or uni?

How you host that event is a broad as your imagination!

You can run your Fivers for Survivors event ahead of the nominated date if the date does not work for you.

If you don’t have time to organise an event there are many that you can join. Zoom Lunch & Learn; 5 day Fitness Challenge, and special offers in our Sydney Cafe.

Why register your own event

There are a few benefits when you register your own event:

  • You’ll have an official event link so people know you are not a scammer.
  • We’ll send you a full resource and media kit for your event.
  • You’ll know you are making an impact and helping someone rebuild their life
  • Engage your workplace in the fight to end modern slavery

Remember to use the event hashtags in all your social photos and PR leading up to the day. This will give your business and the promotion so much more exposure and we will promote your organisation in our social media.

#fivers4survivors #freedomhuborg #smallchangebigeffect

Ideas for your Fivers for Survivors Day

  • Run a Lunch & Learn – order in with Ubereats
  • Run a Cocktail Making Competition – after work (can be run virtually)
  • Organise groups of Five for a Freedom Picnic
  • Run a Coffee a Cake Hour – we will send slides & slavery fact sheets
  • Dress up as Super Hero’s for the Day – because you are!
  • Fast for Freedom – feel the pain of poverty by not eating for a day
  • Wear a Silly Hat for the Day
  • Girls go Bra Free – for Freedom
  • Be creative, make it fun, great for team building as people feel they are working together to make a difference.

Successful Corporate Events in Past Years

Linkedin – Staff Bake Off $5pp entry $5 per vote

Lexis Nexis – Team Olympic Games $5pp entry

Allegis – Staff Cupcake Sale $5 a cup cake

Holding Redlich – Pizza & Dinks $15pp entry

Taylorcare  Brunch & Learn $15pp entry

NBRS – Bike a Thon

Schools have run sausage sizzles

Clubs have run raffles with hampers to win




Fivers for Survivors Brunch at TFH Cafe Waterloo

Join us for a delicious brunch on Sat 30 July at our Waterloo Cafe for World Day Against Trafficking in Persons.

Together, we’ll enjoy:

  • a stunning, ethically sourced brunch
  • a short talk on Modern Day Slavery and how you can help end it
  • a fact booklet to take home

In line with the “fivers” theme, it will be only $55. All profits help victims of modern slavery in our Survivor School.


One glass of mimosa on arrival (Orange juice for kids)

Tea, coffee, or fresh juice

Fresh baked petit pastries to share

Choice of:
Smashed avocado on sourdough with poached eggs, oven-roasted tomatoes, blistered cherry tomatoes and basil pesto (GF available)
Pancake stack with mixed berry compote, fresh berries, banana, ice cream, and maple syrup.

Modern slavery is happening right here in Australia

The World Day Against Trafficking in Persons is fast approaching, on 30 July 2022. While it’s hard to believe, Australia has not escaped this age-old atrocity and we also have survivors of slavery, or human trafficking, who are part of this year’s theme, “Victims’ Voices Lead the Way”. Coinciding with this day, The Freedom Hub is holding its own Fivers for Survivors Campaign to raise funds to support these survivors, help them recover from the trauma they experienced, assimilate back into society, and give them a voice.

Shockingly, The Freedom Hub believes there are over 60,000 slaves in Australia. But there’s something you can do about it.

Fivers for Survivors asks businesses and individuals to give a small amount, from just $5, to have a big effect on the lives of slavery survivors. One hundred per cent of donations from the Fivers for Survivors Campaign will go to survivors of modern slavery through The Freedom Hub.

Donate to Fivers for Survivors as an Individual

Why Donate? Join thousands of people to have an impact. On July the 30th to be the change we want to see in the world. Every dollar that comes in will go towards ending modern slavery and helping the victims of this crime in Australia. Donate here.

“Small change, big effect”