Fivers for Survivors Day

by Jun 16, 2019

Help end slavery in Australia

Join thousands of others on Fivers for Survivors Day and we can impact ending slavery and help victims recover.

There are at least 15,000 people in slavery in Australia. This is unacceptable in a country like ours. The Freedom Hub fights to end this crime and we run a Survivor School to help victims recover. The work of the Freedom Hub is privately funded by people like you. So thank you for being part of this. We are a registered Australian charity and can provide a tax deductible receipt.

 The Fivers for Survivors Day is on

October 16th

This is one day a year that you can mobilise all your networks, work buddies and friends to donate just $5 toward this cause.

 You can gather 5 people in your home. Or 50 people in the office or local hangout. Maybe 500 people in your school or uni?  How you host that event is a broad as your imagination! Furthermore, see below the links for our resource kits to help you be a part of this day.

 You can run your event ahead of the nominated date of October 16th, if the actual date does not work for you, but please deposit your groups donation on the date of Oct 16th. That will add to the momentum and excitement on the day. We hope to be running FB live update.

Two things to do to make your event successful

  1. REGISTER YOUR EVENT – to ensure people can get verification and know you are not a scammer. We will also promote your event on social media. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER and we will send you a resource kit and social media kit.

2. HASHTAG –  #fivers4survivors and #freedomhuborg in all your social photos and PR leading up to the day. This will give your business and the promotion so much more exposure!


























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Donate to Fivers for Survivors as an Individual

Why Donate? Join thousands of people on October the 16th to be the change we want to see in the world. Every dollar that comes in will go towards ending modern slavery and helping the victims of this crime in Australia.

“Small change, big effect”

Fivers for Survivors



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