Fivers For Survivors 2024

24 - 31 June 2024
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Social Impact Made Easy for UN World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

Make a Stand Against Modern Slavery and Support Survivors with "Fiver$ for Survivors" 2024

You’re invited to join us as we raise awareness about modern slavery and funds for the survivors of Australian slavery.
Calling all Australians to give a Small Amount to collaboratively make a Big Difference.


Join us from 24 – 31 July 2024, for the Fivers for Survivors campaign—a powerful movement dedicated to combating modern slavery across Australia. This is your chance to mobilise your networks, friends, and community to make a significant impact with just a $5 donation.

What is Fiver$ for Survivors?

Fiver$ for Survivors asks businesses and individuals to give a small amount, from just $5, to have a big effect on the lives of slavery survivors. It is held alongside the UN World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. By aligning with our cause, you are taking a stand against the hidden atrocity of modern slavery that also affects our society here in Australia.

One hundred per cent of donations from the Fivers for Survivors Campaign will go to survivors of modern slavery through The Freedom Hub.

Together, we can transform small contributions into a wave of substantial support that restores hope and rebuilds the lives of those who have endured unimaginable hardships. Please join us in this vital cause.

Is modern slavery really an issue in Australia?

While it’s hard to believe, Australia has not escaped this age-old atrocity. Shockingly, there are believed to be over 41,000 slaves in Australia. But there’s something you can do about it.

Join The Freedom Hub in our annual Fiver$ for Survivors Campaign to raise funds to support survivors in Australia, help them recover from the trauma they experienced, assimilate back into society, and give them a voice.

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How To Participate

Think big or start small. Whether it’s gathering five friends for a backyard picnic, hosting 50 colleagues for a virtual meetup, or rallying 500 students at your university, the possibilities are endless. Every event counts towards our fight against modern slavery. To help you with your fundraising efforts, we’ve created resources for a few event options.

Choose Your Event

To make running your event easier, we have three prepared event kits to get you started and running a fantastic fundraising event.

Fivers for Survivors 2024 Bike/Walkathon

Lace up your sneakers or prep your bike and organise a bike/walkathon in your local park or community. It’s a healthy way to raise awareness and funds.

Bake Sale/Bake-Off

Tempt your community with delicious treats for a good cause. Host a bake sale or stir up some friendly competition with a bake-off.

Sausage Sizzle

Fire up the barbie and host a sausage sizzle at your workplace, local community centre, school, park, or backyard.

Register Your Event to Access Your Fundraiser Resource Kit and Portal

We’ve created some exciting resources to help you run a successful event. If you register through our fundraising platform (GoFundraise), you’ll not only receive the resource kit, but you’ll also receive an official link to help you manage donations for your fundraising campaign. Alternatively, you can register using the form below (coming soon) and we’ll send you the resource kit to help you get started.

Reasons you should register:

  • Register Using the Official Event Link
    Ensure your participants know your event is legitimate.
  • Resource Kits
    Upon registration via the Givar platform (or in the form below), receive access to full resource kits packed with guidelines, promotional materials, and inspirational content to help you host a successful event.
  • Make an Impact
    Know that your efforts are directly contributing to the rehabilitation and support of modern slavery survivors.
  • Engagement
    Boost morale and team spirit by involving your workplace, school, or community group in a meaningful cause.

How to Register

Simply visit our registration page on the Givar platform. Sign up, choose your type of event, and you’re set to start planning. Remember, if the official dates don’t suit you, you’re welcome to host your event at a time that works best for your group.

If you are unable to register via Givar, complete the form below (coming soon!) and we’ll send you your resource kit link. If you have any issues or have questions, please call us on 0432 619 702.

Get Involved Without Hosting

Not able to host? No problem. Join any of our organised events like enjoying special offers at our Sydney Cafe. Every bit of support counts. Or donate online now.

Promote Your Event and Tag Us

Help spread the word on social media using our hashtags in your social media and PR leading up to your event. This will give your business and Fivers4Survivors so much more exposure-every little bit counts!

#fivers4survivors #freedomhuborg #smallchangebigeffect

The more you share, the wider our message spreads!

“Small change, big effect”

Make Your Donation Count

Every donation, big or small, contributes to ending modern slavery in Australia. Donate here and be part of the change. Remember, 100% of your contributions go directly to supporting survivors.

Stand With Us

Leave No Child Behind in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

This year, join us as we align with the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons on 30 July, and let’s amplify our efforts to end child trafficking and help those affected by modern slavery. Be the spark that helps someone rebuild their life. Together, we can make a big difference with just a small change.


**Thank you for standing with us. Your involvement is crucial in rebuilding lives and fighting against the hidden pandemic of modern slavery in our community. Register your event today and be part of a nationwide movement towards freedom.**