Christmas time and holiday season can feel very lonely and frightening for survivors of modern slavery. Without family and only a few friends (if any), staying alone can be a real source of anguish, while getting out of their apartment on their own can be another stressing situation. 

The Freedom Hub has put together a delightful Christmas holiday program for our survivors, sharing Australian Christmas traditions and exposing them to new and exciting activities.

Live Nativity, carols in the Domain, gift wrapping for homeless people, outdoor cinema…

Outings, throughout the year, are a crucial part of the Survivor School curriculum. They not only open our survivors to new possibilities and understanding of the country they live in, it most importantly gives them confidence to explore new things, to get out there and rebuild trust in Life.

Of course, organising such Christmas holiday activities has a cost. With our cafe closing 2 weeks during the holiday season (our customers are going on holidays too!), we have to watch closely our finances. Expenses go up while our income goes down. Our expenses go up due to Survivor School activities, and also because of irreducible administrative costs.

We need your help! Your donation would be greatly appreciated, helping us through this period, ensuring we can open our doors again in the new year!

Support the Freedom Hub this Christmas!


Have a blessed, safe and happy Christmas,