Ethical Business is our Business

Our Ethical Business Training and Consulting work continues to grow with the increasing need for businesses to work with experienced anti-slavery NGOs. Over the year The Freedom Hub has had to further expanded our Ethical Business team as we offer a unique alternative source to help businesses act to end modern slavery and provide a pathway to get there.
In Q3 we have built up new partnerships with some of Australia’s largest businesses that are looking to take action against modern slavery in Australia.
Earlier this quarter we were invited to speak at Aristocrat Leisure’s procurement conference, which included senior leadership from across Australia and the United States, where Sally presented on the human impact of exploitation and her experience on the ground.
Being a consultancy attached to a social enterprise many clients are referred through our ethical catering customers. For example, we have had the pleasure of working with Sydney Airport, First Sentier Investors and Resolution Life to facilitate workshops exploring what modern slavery means for their business and how they could respond to potential cases in their supply chain or working life. Both are regular catering customers who love our cause.

Airport Training
                                     Airport CateringCatering Sydney Airport

School Advocacy
School Advocacy








Ethical Business and Anti-Slavery Advocacy with Students

During Q3 we also had the chance to host two seminars at the Waterloo cafe about modern slavery and the Freedom Hub.
The class from Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College joined us for lunch as part of their community day event, while we also hosted a mixed class from the University of Sydney. Students from the Social Entrepreneurship course and the university’s procurement team joined to learn more about modern slavery and what the university could do about it.

Looking Ahead

This quarter has been a time to grow our team and internship program; over the next quarter we aim to secure more training opportunities with new and existing clients, promote our proprietary risk platform in the market, and publish some fascinating research by our interns about the consistency of modern slavery disclosure in Australia, and why businesses should consider the unique risks of state-imposed force labour in their supply chain.
If you are in business either small or large and want to know how to respond to the growing issues of modern slavery and ESG; we can help you take action toward ending modern slavery and provide a pathway to help you get there.