Ice Skating Experience teaches Valuable Lessons

Warm sunshine emanated in our Survivors’ faces through the cold ice during their first ever ice skating experience. The joy and laughter resonating from our lovely group of women. It was a true sight of happiness and sheer delight. Like any new endeavour, at first they were reluctant, nervous, and even a bit frightened of how they would go in trying this new experience. As they nervously made their way around the edge of the large ice skating rink, they giggled endlessly and chattered loudly to each other with enjoyment. Our Survivor School Principal, Eleni, coached them through the gliding movements, step by step. As a result, they began to feel more comfortable moving on the ice.

There were selfies, a few falls and endless laughter. But eventually our Survivors began to gain confidence in stepping away from the support of the ice rink wall, and skating gently into the centre. This was wonderful metaphor that was discussed later with them in conversation. Because all good things take time, and you need to put in your best effort. So allowing yourself to make mistakes along the way, you can improve at something, and eventually succeed.

One of our Survivors, has been with the Freedom Hub program since its inception 6 years ago. She mentioned that, over the years, the Freedom Hub has given her many opportunities to try new things. And she has visited places that she never would have been able to see or do otherwise.

With regards to ice skating, she said, “I have always seen on television this beautiful dancing on ice. It looked like magic to me. I never would have imagined that one day I would try this. Maybe I can do ice skating lessons now and improve my skills. Australia has so many opportunities, and thanks to the Freedom Hub, I have done so many amazing things that I never thought I could do.”

The Freedom Hub Survivor School

The Peer Support part of the Freedom Hub Survivor School is an essential element of our holistic wrap-around support program. We provide Survivors with socialisation opportunities and the necessary skills to create a new life. New friendships, build new networks; they learn what opportunities are available to them in their community, and builds their confidence in gaining new life skills. And to top all that off, our wonderful Survivors simply have the chance to focus on enjoying the Here and Now, and have renewed hope for a positive future. This is what the Freedom is all about!

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Author: Eleni Argy

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