A Survivor Story – from Violence to Victory.

The fight against modern slavery is a marathon, not a sprint. For many of us who have spent years in the justice and advocacy space, we wish we could fix every injustice overnight. But it’s just not possible. Unfortunately, it’s easy to lose hope when policy isn’t changing fast enough. And sadly there are still people in our country who are manipulating and exploiting vulnerable people. As well as placing women in a place of violence and abuse.

One of the things that brings us back on track and reminds us of why we’re in this marathon race is reading a survivor story – a story of freedom, justice, and healing. The Freedom Hub prioritises short- and long-term rehabilitation and familiarisation of survivors into society through the Survivor School.


Meet Martina*

Martina* has gone through more in her teenage years than most of us will go through in a lifetime. Violence started early in her life, yet she is always determined, focused and dedicated to self-improvement and achieving her goals. 

She is an absolute inspiration in her commitment to achieving her dreams. The Freedom Hub has been lucky enough to support Martina*, particularly through our Work Ready program called “Thrive”. Martina* came to us extremely ready to look for work, partly to build her experience and resume and partially to support her single-income family. 


A Survivor Story of Gaining Confidence & Self-belief

We spent a long time going through our Work Ready courses with Martina,* paying particular attention to how to craft a resume and cover letter, as this would be her first job out of school.

Martina* worked hard during the course every week, always did her homework and was bright and insightful, always asking lots of questions to ensure she had the best possible chance of getting as much as possible out of the course. 

Once Martina* had completed the course, she began applying for jobs. As we all know, applying for jobs can be stressful and disheartening, but Martina* persevered and kept us in the loop for all her interviews and applications. We often had a Zoom or phone call in the days leading up to a job interview to review interview questions, answers, and other helpful interview prep.

In October, after six months of fantastic effort and hard work, Martina* was finally offered a job and is starting soon! We’re so proud of all of her incredible hard work. Martina* expressed much gratitude for our help preparing her; we’re glad we could support her.

*The survivor’s name has been changed for their privacy and protection.

In tomorrow’s article, we will highlight some how to partner to end modern slavery. We encourage you to read and share each article with friends and family. Start asking questions about each issue or topic. And support local businesses involved in the 16 Days Campaign.


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