Modern Slavery & Ethical Business


Ethical Business Overview: Many businesses are now engaging The Freedom Hub to help them prepare for the Modern Slavery Act. In the last few months we have run 2 workshops training small businesses in how to do their due diligence so they can work with larger companies that must comply to the new laws. We have also met with and engaged with 3 large corporates to take up our consulting services, working with them over the next year to comply.

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5 reasons to choose us to help you navigate the new laws:

1. We have 10 years of experience working with victims of modern slavery. Slavery is a hidden crime – we know how to find slavery. 2. We have pioneered ‘slave free’ supply chains in our two cafes and large event venue. Experience working with ethical suppliers. 3. The Freedom Hub MD and Board have senior management experience in corporate procurement and corporate law. 4. We have been part of the government consultation for the new legislation. We know the ‘why’ behind each requirement. 5. 100% of our profits support survivors of slavery. Your alignment with our cause helps others, improves your staff engagement, increases customer confidence and trust.

Our next workshop for small businesses who want to submit a voluntary statement is on 14th November. Book your spot here. Limited spaces.

Attend this workshop and we will show you exactly how to …..

  • Begin researching your supply chains and how to map your suppliers
  • Begin to write a modern slavery statement for your website and potentially the National Register.
  • Write your supplier code of conduct and new ways of working with suppliers.
  • Write your new HR policies and whistleblower policies
  • Leverage the new market opportunities of ethical supply chains
  • Learn to mobilise your team for good