The Freedom Hub 2019 Social Impact Report

Our Social Impact Report for 2019 is finally out. What a great year we had. In the past we only reported on our survivor impact. But it is a fantastic addition to be able to report on our ’cause’ impact.

What is Cause Impact?

For the first time our Social Impact Report shows the work we have been doing toward our cause. Our ’cause’ is to partner in the fight to end modern slavery. This involves raising awareness in schools, universities and with the general public. It also involves training businesses to be able to assess the risk of slavery in their supply chains. We were pretty staggered when we calculated that through our advocacy work over 24,000 people heard learnt about ending modern slavery. This does not include the enormous reach our media interview with CNN had and the other radio and tv interviews we had. If only we could count them!

What is our Survivor Impact?

The main part of our Social Impact report shows the results of the work we do with survivors. in 2019, nearly 1/2million dollars of value was inputted into the lives of the 52 survivors in our care. 207 classes held by our amazing volunteers and trauma informed teachers. Our support of survivors does not stop after a period of time. We provide long term wrap around support, companionship and life coaching for as long as they need us.

The Freedom Hub Survivor School

Our survivor school is where survivors are trained, encouraged and prepared for the workforce. We hold classes using trauma informed principles to help them rebuild their life so they can live successfully. Through our one-to-one mentoring, supported learning, and practical application; survivors can learn faster than in a large group. So this also makes them feel valued, and trust is reestablished. Survivors are accelerated into a position of success because our classes are sensitive to their unique needs and PTSD.

“The Freedom Hub helps survivors stay motivated & seek opportunities to live a life of  freedom, by offering individual supported learning and work pathways. This sets them up  with hope and the opportunity to have another go and not lose heart.”  Sally Irwin, Founder

Our courses are broken into three categories: life skill classes, personal skill classes and work ready classes. We also offer educational outings to build friendships, community and fun while they learn about Australia.

We are the ONLY organisation set up to specifically provide one to one, life coaching and training for modern day slavery survivors in Australia.

The Freedom Hub Ltd is a registered charity with tax deductibility for donations. We welcome volunteers and local fundraising events to help this cause succeed. You can also help our work by donating. Everyone can do something to help end this crime in Australia and help victims recover.