How does knowledge help our future?


Australia has made significant progress in protecting civil and political rights, but there is still a lot of work to do as some human rights issues remain prevalent. One of the main issues still present is modern slavery. 

In the next few articles, we will discuss modern slavery’s rampancy in Australia more in depth, looking at causes and effects, and why this violation of human rights still exists today. 

However, we must first understand exactly how and why educating ourselves and those around us, especially on human rights issues, can be life-saving


We learn, we grow


Knowledge is one of the most important assets an individual can have. It is the basis for communication, action, and empathy

Knowledge not only gives us the space to learn about a foreign and unfamiliar topic, but it also gives us the opportunity to take action. Through the process of learning, understanding, and doing, we are able to grow and improve.

In the case of human rights violations, knowledge on the subject is critical for real change and reformation

Take, for example, Australia’s progress in addressing violence against women. Australia currently holds a 12-year national plan to reduce violence against women and their children. The plan aims to increase gender equality and change community attitudes toward violence. This is done mostly through education campaigns which have effectively improved public outlook and knowledge on violence against women, significantly increasing its mean score on the community against women’s violence survey (NCAS) by 6 points. 

While education alone cannot eliminate the world’s problems, it is a large and essential factorthe crucial foundation to tackling them head on.


Knowledge is power!


Knowledge and education are the main drivers for the necessary policy changes and reformations established to fight injustices. They are the motivation for community protests that give the people a strong, influential voice. They are the beating heart behind local and personal support for victims of human rights violations and our fight to end modern slavery. 

Without knowledge on these issues, without grasping the reality of the cruel transgressions of perpetrators and violators, without feeling deep empathy for those who have suffered, we cannot make real progress toward a better future. 

Without listening, we cannot answer those who are calling for our help.  

This is the reason we must educate ourselves, our loved ones, and those around us. We can do this by:

  • Researching issues important to us.
  • Involving ourselves in informational community events.
  • Surrounding ourselves with perspectives and experiences different from our own.
  • And most importantly, sharing resources and advocating to those who are not aware of such subjects! So sharing our posts really helps! – just saying!


We all must work on educating ourselves so that we can build a future rich with strength, justice, and freedom


Written by: Charlene Moraleda

Pic by:@christianwinklercreative


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