How Does Knowledge Help?

While Australia has made considerable progress in protecting civil and political rights, human rights remain an issue. Mainly, modern slavery is still very present. Modern slavery has been an increasing issue, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic making groups of people more vulnerable. Before we discuss modern slavery within Australia, the causes and effects of it, or why it still exists today, we must understand how and why we should be educating ourselves and others.

Knowledge is crucial. It can be lifesaving. It is the basis for communication, action, and empathy. Before acting, we must learn and understand the topic. We are able to grow and improve ourselves by going through those steps as well. Those steps are even more important when we are talking about human rights reformation. While knowledge alone will not eliminate the problem, it will help build a foundation to face it.

Knowledge is Power!

Knowledge and education are important when pushing for policy changes and reformations that fight against injustices. Progress toward a better future starts with knowledge about the issues, understanding the reality of the transgressions of perpetrators and violators, and empathy for those who have suffered.

  • We can educate ourselves by:
  • Researching issues important to us.
  • Involving ourselves in informational community events.
  • Surrounding ourselves with perspectives and experiences different from our own.
  • Join an organization that works towards the protection of human rights.
  • And most importantly, sharing resources and advocating for those who are not aware of such subjects!

Make a Difference

Here are just a few ways you can get involved and support victims/survivors of modern slavery:

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