A wedding style is the overall aesthetic and feeling for one’s event. For some this can feel restricting and rigid, but others might think there are too many options. Either way this can create confusion and worries for a day meant to be filled with happiness and light. Let’s talk though some common ‘wedding style’ and see if you can come up with your own mix to represent the happy couple of your day!


Different Types of Wedding Styles:


  • Traditional

For some people, culture, religion, and heritage is a central part of who they are and this is reflected in wedding events. Whether it is in their outfits, locations for the ceremony and reception, or rituals preformed, these beautiful traditions reflect a part of the couple. But this doesn’t have to be the only side they show at their event. And for others who might not want to partake in all these traditions, they can be used as example of what you like or don’t like. Some parts might even become more enticing to incorporate as you consider them.


  • Vintage

Like many of these styles, this will mean something different to everyone. Some might consider vintage as the retro feel of the 90’s or even the 20’s. But for some, the vintage feel is about worn woods and antiques. Or large rooms with fireplaces and drapery. Elements of the vintage style can be carried though small details as well if the location is of a different style.


  • Romantic

At first thought this might feel odd as there is romance in most weddings it seems, but the style itself has a delicate feel. This would mean candles and many plant/ flowers to set the mood. Romance also brings about a warmth and comfort, so smaller parties could opt to sit at one or two long table to create a feeling of togetherness.


  • Rustic

In recent years rustic has shown to be a very versatile style when planning events. Opposed to the country style it has been considered connected to, rustic can be taken other direction like romantic or glamorous at times. You will find exposed beams, simple floras, wood used in many ways, and hanging bubble lights fit into this category. Colour pallets are usually neutral and wooden table décor is quite common. Rustic wedding can feel a bit more laid-back while also being aesthetically appealing.


  • Whimsical

By definition, this category is meant to be playful and or fantastical. If you enjoy a uniqueness that can transport you to another realm this is for you. The restriction is your imagination. Hanging flowers, tea lights in glass jars, flowy outfits, and different food or desserts; whimsical can easily pare with any other style. But the best part is that you can fit each detail to represent you as the scope of whimsical is wide. Some might want to lean into the fantastical aspects, with mushrooms and ethereal beings, like fairies, placed around the event.


  • Glamorous and Luxurious

Two words that can seem out of price range for some, but with an open mind can be very achievable. This category is focusing on aspects that are captivating, elegant, or dazzling. Whether that’s the amount of sparkle or the big blooming flowers, this wedding is a little extra. Everything is kept pretty clean and white with a possible pop of colour. If an accent colour is not for you, then a metal like gold or silver will give contrast to all the white. Chandeliers and thin drapery can be incorporated to any category for a more glam look.


What Style is Right for You?


There are many other styles, especially more specific ones like alternative or garden party, but one must remember there are no rules to having a wedding. If you enjoy romance but like the glitter of a glamorous wedding, find little ways to incorporate it. Maybe you and your partner have different tastes; there are many ways to companies on a mixture of the two. Right now, you might not even feel that your personal style fit into a wedding style. However, if you gather pictures of things that are aesthetically pleasing to you, a thread can be formed with variations of colour, shapes or layouts. But whatever the style your wedding ends up having, it doesn’t have to fit a label as long as it feels right to the happy couple.


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Written by: Nicole Bettuzzi


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