It’s the chocolate lover’s favourite time of year.

Chocolate is everywhere in huge quantities. Who’s complaining?

We certainly aren’t!

That said, not all chocolate is the same – not only in taste, but in ethical impact too.

We all want to be able to indulge in some chocolatey goodness this Easter, without contributing to modern slavery.

The reality is, while children in Australia are having Easter egg hunts, children in developing countries around the world are being forced into labour to produce those very Easter eggs.

How can we make sure we don’t endorse these oppressive systems?

Look For Chocolate Certification Labels

One of the easiest ways to make sure you’re buying ethical is to look out for a certification label on your chocolate.

In Australia, the 3 main certifications to look out for are Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade and UTZ Certified. The World Fair Trade Organisation is an international label used in Australia too.

These certifications indicate that the workers involved in the product’s supply chain have fair wages and good working conditions.

Some bigger brands, like Cadbury, have Fairtrade certifications on some products, but not all. Be careful and double check the labels to make sure nothing has changed over time.

To help you narrow down your search this year, here are 3 chocolate brands you can trust are free from slavery in their supply chains.

Divine Chocolate

Divine Chocolate is co-owned by the members of Kuapa Kokoo, the farming cooperative in Ghana that supplies the cocoa for the Divine chocolate bars. As owners, the cooperative members get a share in the profits and a say in the company, ensuring they receive the economic benefits from their work.

Alter Eco

Alter Eco is focused on giving back to the world through the business. Whether it is wages and conditions for the workers, rehabilitating farmland or using compostable packaging, Alter Eco products are designed to have as good an impact as they taste.


Indigiearth is a 100% Aboriginal Owned and Operated business from Central West NSW. It is an award-winning business, with a focus on using native produce and materials that are purchased from Aboriginal communities across Australia, supporting the local economies. Their delicious chocolate-coated Macadamias are the perfect gift (or snack) this time of year!

Ethical Shopping is Up To You

Every choice we make as a consumer can have an impact – including something as simple as an Easter egg. The good news is, there are ethical choices out there! So go and find some slavery-free chocolate and enjoy a delicious and truly guilt-free treat this long weekend. That’s what we’re doing at The Freedom Hub!