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Why The Freedom Fair?

Come and meet vendors who are passionate about creating a world of freedom by ending modern slavery. These vendors have chosen to start the journey of assessing their supply chains for risk of slavery and taking up measures to mitigate that risk. They have partnered with The Freedom Hub in the fight to end global slavery.

The Freedom Fair

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The Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand is a member driven not-for-profit organisation. Our members support the global Fair Trade Movement seeking to challenge conventional trade by placing fairness in prices and wages, improved market access, and poverty alleviation at the core of international trade practices, both in our region and beyond. FTAANZ engages with and supports local efforts to promote a growing network of endorsed Fair Trade Communities: councils, universities, workplaces, faith groups and schools who have demonstrated their commitment to Fair Trade. They also recognise and promote products showing the Fairtrade Mark (managed by Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand), are network members of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) global founders of the 10 Fair Trade Principles and manage our own endorsement system, Fair Traders of Australia (based on the 10 Principles of Fair Trade). The Fair Trade Association recognises the International Fair Trade Charter. Website: https://www.fta.org.au/

Participating Vendors


Goods 4 Good

Goods 4 Good is an online marketplace connecting you to products from social enterprises and the causes that matter to you. Come and learn how you can shop by your values and create an impact through your everyday purchases! The Goods 4 Good team is on a mission to help you do just that. The company was created for socially conscious consumers who want to use their dollar for good and support the thousands of Social Enterprises in Australia. Buy ethical products and support a cause you care about.

Chocolate ON Purpose

Chocolate on Purpose has created a premier ethical indigenous range of ‘Bush Food Chocolate’. It is a fusion of the finest Australian and Belgian cacao and the best of our native botanicals aka ‘Bush Food’. 

Unlike many other boutique chocolate manufacturers who remove and replace the cocoa butter with preservatives, saturated fats and oils (increasingly using palm oil), resulting in a plastic texture, greasy film & bitter taste on the palate. 

Chocolate on Purpose keeps the beautiful taste of cocoa butter from their sustainably sourced cocoa. 

Respect for Culture, Land and People is at the heart of all decisions made by this female-founded and all-female-led business. Chocolate On Purpose is grounded in an ethical and sustainable ethos inherent in its business motto, “Yindyamangidyal Marramarra”, meaning “With Respect and Honour, We Create”.

Come and taste this amazing chocolate at The Freedom Fair.


The Ethical Beauty Expert

The Ethical Beauty Expert

Beauty comes from within, it is all about glowing skin through amazing health with the help of high-quality, ethical natural skincare. The Ethical Beauty Expert has 35 years of beauty industry experience and shares healthy, natural, ethical ways to look beautiful and feel healthy.

Nakheel Australia

Nakheel Australia

Nakheel has a premium organic cotton bedding range with superior bed sheets both fitted and flat with pillow covers. They offer the finest bathroom accessories that include bath towels, hand towels, face towels with maximum absorbency and softness. Their all-organic bedding products and bathroom accessories are all made from 100% GOTS-certified sustainable fair trade organic cotton, thus giving you a bedding and bath experience with a twist of sustainable luxury from a brand that is carbon-neutral.

Nakheel Australia


AfriBeads partners with a group of women in Uganda to provide a market for the beautiful recycled paper bead jewellery and home wares they produce. By helping the artisans have a regular income, it is possible for their children to be fed, educated, and cared for and for them to work towards a peaceful, healthy, and prosperous society. AfriBeads began in 2009 when 5 Australian families travelled to Uganda to build a house for an orphanage. They were appalled by the poverty and poor living conditions, at the same time loving the unique and beautiful paper bead jewellery made by many of the women and sold in the local markets. AfriBeads now offers a range of fashion accessories, baskets, market bags, cushion covers available at shops throughout Australia, and at fair trade markets. Website: www.afribeads.com.au/ https://www.fta.org.au/afri-beads


Hilda is named after Afua, and Akua-Jemima’s mum who was born and raised in the villages of Ghana. Hilda was established by Ghanaian sisters Afua and Akua-Jemima after several visits to their mums village. Noticing the struggle many women face to support their families there, they combined their passion for sustainability and fashion to start their own brand. Hilda now provides regular employment, supporting the amazing women and their communities in Ghana. Hilda is a collection of luxurious, bright batik fashion, homewares and accessories, from Ghana, west Africa. Adorned by Kings and Queens of Ghana, the bright batik prints are embedded in Ghanaian culture, bringing joy, beauty and a sense of identity and belonging. Hilda is excited to share this beautiful tradition through their brand with you. Website: hilda.com.au

Nakheel Australia


Auroraz Soulful Gifts is a social impact venture that promotes eco-friendly products made by mentally challenged women in rehab shelters, as well as by disadvantaged women in rural India. Embrace and Empower is their motto. Visit us on Facebook.com/embracetheworld01
Nakheel Australia

Community Flower Studio

The Community Flower Studio (CFS) is a youth-focused charity with the vision of ‘Help Youth Learn Life Skills and Find Meaningful Employment’. CFS offers free Youth Mentoring Program and Creative Workshops for young people aged 11 – 25 year.  
Nakheel Australia


The Bread & Butter Project

The Bread & Butter Project

Bread & Butter Project’s mission is to increase training, development, and employment pathways for refugees & asylum seekers by maximising sales of high-quality bread and pastries, keeping customers satisfied and expanding our customer base.

Ethica - feels good


ethica is a Fair Trader of Australia. We comply with the standards of fairtrade creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers. ethica enables women to help themselves.

For over 10 years, ethica has been giving Peruvian women skills for life and a fair income. We buy the goods these women make and sell them here in Australia. Many of you have bought these good allowing us to help hundreds of women change their lives, their families and at times their communities. Together, with your generous support at The Freedom Fair, we can continue to change lives.


Sensi Wines pic

Sensi Wines

Sensi Vini is an icon of Tuscany. They epitomise elegance and class like no-one else. Sensi Vini’s philosophy is to create consistent and high quality wines year upon year and believe the relationship with their customers is the most important element of their work. Sensi Wines is a story of great sacrifice, and a goal to achieve fine wine by taking small steps at a time while respecting the land and the people. Award winning Sensi wines are a staple at the Freedom Hub, produced in Tuscany from 80 hectares of organic vineyards on the Sensi family farm in the hills between Vinci and Florence. Making wine is a Sensi family tradition; a passion handed down generation after generation since 1890.
Expert, Lorenzo Landi, supervises with great skill and care the production of all Sensi wines. Each production process is managed and constantly monitored using the most innovative technologies in order to guarantee the consumer an organoleptically impeccable product of consistent quality over time. Aside from taste, Sensi wines prioritise respect for the environment and safeguard of consumers’ health. In recent years, they have dedicated significant resources to the certification of production sustainability by adopting specific corporate and environmental management systems with particular attention to greenhouse gas emissions. Today Sensi is a certified organic and vegan production company. In the vineyards, organic grapes are cultivated without the use of synthetic chemical substances and without the use of genetically modified organisms. In the winery, the wine is made by using only certified organic and vegan products. Come and taste these wines at The Freedom Fair.
Sensi Wines pic

All Of the Good Things

The philosophy of All Of The Good Things is first and foremost, to do no harm to people or the planet.  Their aim is to have a positive impact on people by working with disadvantaged communities to give them access to market. Their eco gifts are beautiful & practical. They make it easy to start good habits by providing subscription options for monthly refreshes and refills. They ensure that the people making their products are not being harmed. That means ensuring their supply chain has no forced labour and no child labour. The three principles All Of The Good Things live by are:
Use natural sustainably sourced materials
Recycle and Upcycle
Sensi Wines pic

The Toucan Shop

The Toucan Shop, founded in 2004, ethically sources from small groups and individual Latin American artisans to help support traditional cultures. Each piece is unique, one-of-a-kind, fairtrade and handmade to the highest quality. Over the years they have built a network of suppliers throughout Central America, making amicable relationships with the artisans with whom they communicate and collaborate with regularly. They always pay the price asked by the artisans without haggling. Most importantly, this allows artisans to pay for materials and labour as well as improving their quality of life. Website: https://thetoucanshop.com/
Sensi Wines pic

Gifts to Warm Hearts & Bodies

Gifts to Warm Hearts & Bodies have social justice at heart, sourcing merchandise from different parts of the world to help people who really need it. They support disadvantaged artisans to provide for themselves by providing decent wages, valuing their contributions. Website: https://giftstowarmheartsandbodies.com.au/
Sensi Wines pic


Aunty’s Ginger Tonic is the vibrant flavours of West African villages and the fresh, natural goodness of Australia in a bottle –  a real mix of cultures, representing what Australia is today – and what healthy eating and drinking should be! It’s the perfect mix. The new way to refreshment that’s as good for you as it is fun to drink.
Founder, Yarrie Bangura, fled her war-torn home in Sierra Leone when she was just eight. Months later, she would arrive in Australia as a refugee.
Yarrie’s memories of her African heritage inspired her to start making the special ginger brew that she drank in her youth. The natural remedy, made by her Aunty and Grandmother, was given to the community to ward off colds and encourage digestive health.
With a desire to ‘give back’ to her fellow Australians, and to inspire others in the refugee community to follow their dreams, Yarrie Bangura started making the ginger tonic that her Aunty Isatah once made in the villages of Sierra Leone, offering it to her new home, Australia.