Tips for holding a COVID Event Safely. 

Is the party life over? Covid events held safely? Are they possible?

The world is going insane at the moment so you think ‘why not have an event to brighten up the mood a bit?’ See some friends you have only talked to through a Zoom call throughout the year.

Your reasoning could even be to help out the local businesses with some much needed work (greatly appreciated!). Alas, in these strange times there are new restrictions being announced each week making it impossible to plan more than a couple of days ahead. But we have great news.


Here is the good news. We have an enormous space – 384 square metres. That’s bigger than most. Therefore, loads of room for social distancing. At time of writing, with social spacing regulations, that’s 60 people. We also have an amazing events team that will do whatever it takes to make sure your guests are safe and you have a great event. Let’s face it, the alternative is wait years before the world is safe again. Let’s embrace the opportunity the beat this with a ‘go for it’ attitude, despite the difficulties and remembering the old days of past.

Here are our top tips to planning an awesome fun event during these COVID times.

1. Staying on top of the Changing COVID EVENT Regulations

Our events team strives to know everything we can!

We keep up the COVID updates as they come daily, even though it’s hard to keep up with the new regulations, we check daily and will let let you know when changes affect your event.

Our focus is helping our customers have a great event, even though it is a Covid event. We do have a special line to COVID advice through our membership with Business Australia and we do everything they advise us and guide us to do. We are closely advised by NSW Health on a daily basis and follow all instructions. We regularly Zoom in to live webinars with the Government, Sydney City Council and Business Australia to receive advise and discuss how we can continue to do business in this challenging environment. As NSW Business Chambers Regional Winners for Social Enterprise we work hard to ensure people are before profits. So we don’t take short cuts or cheat when it comes to our customers health and well being. Human Rights and caring about people IS our business. We will do everything we can, to ensure you and your guest are safe.

2. Rescheduling with a smile if we have to!

If restrictions tighten up again and we are no longer allowed to host events, then please don’t panic! Here at The Freedom Hub we will work with you, as one of our ethical values based customers, to reschedule your event with us. We completely understand new restrictions could come up over night and put your plans on hold. But we value you for choosing and trusting us with your special event, and during these tough times we value your business so let’s work together to make it work. We are all in this together and we need to work together.

3. Hygiene for a Covid Event 

We are making sure we are cleaning round the clock. Extra cleaning services will need to be engaged for your event to make sure everything is sparkly and up to the new COVID codes.

4. Better to be Safe then Sorry!

We are doing all we can to assist you with your event but there are things you can do as well.

If you are running your own event and just hiring our space think about things like: Hand sanitiser, masks, spacing, checking guests in, and covid cleaning before and after the event.

Where as, if you are hosting an event and engaging our event team to help you; then we will discuss all this with you and and take care of it for you. So your only job is to enjoy your night. Stress free!

Party with purpose and wisdom. It’s doable. So let life and fun continue (within the restrictions we have). We will not let this pandemic end our FREEDOM. We will work with it, wisely and hold on to a hope for great days ahead. Planning gives us vision and hope. Something to look forward to. LET’S BEAT THIS.

Contact us for a planning discussion here.

[Written by Bonnie.]

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