Hosting a successful, memorable function is more than just hiring an event venue.

Here are our tips to make it the best night ever.

Pick an event venue that you can make your own. A blank canvas is ideal because you can create your own vibe and personality. The space you choose says a lot about you and if it is over done with set style that you don’t no one will feel comfortable. With a blank canvas you can choose the decorations, the colours, the place is yours and feels like you. Your guests will be wow-ed.

Pro Planners

Find a venue that has a team of planners that you get along with. Planners are great because they have thought of all the little things you may know about. They are familiar with the space and what works well and they have your back so you can relax on the night. You will be spending a bit of time with them so make sure they are fun and flexible.

Vendors with Values

Choose vendors that also reflect the best you. The food, the wine, the music, the styling, the cake, the photo booth, the flowers all components that count. You event planners should be able to give you a good guide on what companies been easy to work with for other events and which ones are a rip off. Why risk your big party on untried vendors just because they have great marketing. The Freedom Hub prefers to work with vendors who have ethical and sustainable values. We are always ready to recommend them. However, you are free to choose any that you like and we will happily work with them. After all it is your night.

Great Staff

Great staff can make or break a night. Sure Uncle Tom is free and so is young cousin Susie. But once the dancing starts and the party gets going, they will be off chatting and having a great time. It is always worth paying some professional staff so everything runs smoothly and you don’t have to be checking that your guests are being cared for. Guests always remember if the food or drinks service is poor.

Covid Safety

Is the venue COVID ready? Times have changed and you don’t want your guests getting sick. The Freedom Hub event venue is COVID READY for your event. Our team has been very busy working hard to ensure that our event space & staff is COVID safe. Here are SEVEN things we have done to make sure your guests feel safe:

1. We are keeping up to date with all new regulations being put in place by the government and NSW health to ensure you and your guests are well looked after as well as our staff!

2.  We have completed our COVID safety plan

3. All of our staff have passed and received the COVID safety certificate

4. Upon entry we have a sanitising station for all guests to make use of along with any extra’s such as gloves and tissues

5. At the start of the shift, prior to opening the doors and then throughout the day/event, staff are to keep sanitising the door handles of the front door, all bathrooms, eftpos machine and any furniture where guests have been seated.

6. Staff will wear gloves throughout the cleaning process to avoid ay contamination.

7. Any staff that feel unwell are not permitted to work and are recommended to stay home and isolate until symptoms have passed or been tested.

We ensure all measures are taken seriously and stay in effect for the safety of your guests and our staff!

Finish Well

At the end of the night everyone is tired. You don’t want the night to end with grumpy, tired or drunk friends packing down. We don’t want drunk Danny up the ladder pulling down all the flowers to take home! Accidents can happen easily and tempers can rise. Spend a little more on having staff work longer or even hire a professional pack down team who will arrive at the end, fresh and motivated to pack up and clean up. So you and your guests can leave stress free, safe, happy and on a high.

Check out our venue before you lock in anywhere else. Our webpage has a gallery of picsIt’s affordable, ethical, sustainable and beautiful.

The icing on the cake is that the Freedom Hub Venue gives 100% of the profits from your event to ending modern slavery and helping victims recover. That will certainly make your event be remembered. Your guests will love your heart.

We look forward to hosting your event shortly with smiles and open arms (from a distance!) Contact us now.