This is a Survivors Story of Freedom from modern slavery in the area of forced labour * right here in Australia.

I grew up in an area of Turkey and lost my parents in a war. My grandparents raised my siblings and me, but now they are old and can’t work. So when an agent said I could work in the beauty industry in Australia – and earn ten times the amount I earn at home – I was very happy and immediately signed the paperwork agreeing to go.

When I landed in Australia, the agent took me to my new house where I had to share a bedroom with six people, sleeping on the floor. I grew up sharing a small space with my family, so I didn’t think anything was wrong. They took my passport for the visa to be organised, and I was introduced to my new boss.

My first day, I worked 14 hours without any break for food.

I could only go to the bathroom twice a day and had five minutes at 11am and 3pm to eat whatever food I brought from home. That first week I barely ate anything; I had no money. The other women shared some of their food with me.

After my first week I was paid $80. I had worked seven days from 7am to 9pm. Even though it was hard work I got more money than I had ever had. I was in this job for 16 months. As the months went by I started to get sick. My back was very painful and every time I ate I was in pain.



Forced Labour and Abuse

One day I was too sick to go to work and my boss kicked me in the stomach because I complained. I couldn’t move for four days, I had so much pain. My boss would come in and hit me to try and get me to get up, but I couldn’t. When I finally managed to work again I got very ill and collapsed. That’s when one of my customers helped and I ended up in hospital.

They told me I was lucky to be alive. The police asked questions about the bruises on my body – and they went to rescue all the other women.


From Forced Labour to Freedom:

Now I am learning English and studying office and life skills at The Freedom Hub Survivor School. I want to work in an office, as I love organising and working on the computer. When I can get my identity papers again, I’m hoping to get my first proper job next year, and start saving money to go home to my family. I love the feeling of freedom I get when I study. I could not dream to be so lucky when I was a child.

[*This is an account of one of our survivor’s slavery situation, however some details are changed to protect identity.]

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