Calling all women… did you know …..?

  1. Violence against women and girls is one of the most widespread, persistent and devastating human rights violations in our world today.
  2. 1 in 3 women worldwide have experienced physical or sexual violence.
  3. Women and girls are disproportionately subjected to violence, including femicide, sexual violence, intimate partner violence, trafficking and harmful practices.

Violence has short to long-term consequences on the women, their families, communities and countries. There are mental health, physical and sexual impacts, all of which affect their general well-being. Because of this, woman and girls are often prevented from productively participating in communities, preventing them from breaking the cycle of violence.

Many countries have laws against many forms of violence, but implementing these laws and policies is a challenge. Lack of access to free or affordable health care, education, justice and social support and protection through the police are preventing sustainable elimination of violence.

Women need to know how to help eliminate this ongoing violation of human rights?

Today is the UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. It is also known as Orange Day because orange symbolises a brighter future, free of violence. As a show of solidarity, the UNESCO globe will be illuminated in orange.

Advocacy is essential and we can all be responsible in even the smallest way. All women need to know this is happening. Changing attitudes and behaviours starts with each of us.


Our ‘16 Days of Freedom Campaign‘ aligns with the UN, highlighting the violence against women and girls through the lens of modern slavery.

The 16 days ends on UN Human Rights Day – 10th December.


Everyday, for 16 days, we will post a blog informing you on the exploitation of women and girls and stories of freedom.

We will be sharing stories from survivors we have worked with over the years. We will be sharing more stats and information on violence against women and we will be sharing stories of hope and recovery. We hope you will engage and join us on this 16day journey.


What can you can do?

  1. Start now by following this Freedom Hub Campaign “16 days of Freedom”. Set an alarm to remind yourself to read the daily blog.
  2. As a call to action now- SHARE this blog on your social media accounts, talk about it with your family, friends and workplace colleagues. We are calling on all women to join us by sharing these blogs everyday to raise awareness. People need to know. On Facebook and Linkedin just hit the ‘share’ button. On IG share the post to your story.
  3. If you want to go the extra mile on this issue, plan to host a Festive High Tea on Human Rights Day or come to ours in Waterloo, Sydney. More details are HERE.


“Culture doesn’t change until the people creating culture do. We’re asking content creators and culture shapers of all types to join us on this ongoing mission to change culture for the better”


Here are the hashtags for your share:   #16daysoffreedom  #freedomhuborg  #womensrights #orangetheworld


Thank you for reading this and thank you for sharing these articles everyday. Let’s highlight this crime and help change culture.

Women need to Know more – here are some additional resources.


Written by: Gail Staples – Freedom Hub Volunteer

Tomorrows Article: Violence against Women and Girls in Australia



Thank you for your part in this 16 Days of Freedom. We cannot change culture without awareness so please share this post with your friends. Here are the hashtags for your share:   #16daysoffreedom  #freedomhuborg  #womensrights #orangetheworld

16 Days of Freedom is a campaign we are running to align with the UN awareness campaign United Nations’  UNiTE campaign on gender violence against women and girls. We are focussing on women and girls in slavery. For 16 days we will post a story to highlight the issue. To end the 16days we invite you to come to or host a Festive High Tea for Human Rights. These will be held on or near the UN Human Rights Day on the 10th December.

You can join our High Tea for Human Rights in Waterloo, Sydney, by clicking HERE.

You can Host your own High Tea by registering HERE and we will send you an information and fact sheet to read or distribute to your guests.

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