Partnerships and collaborations within the justice space are paramount for making progress. The third arm of The Freedom Hub’s social purpose is to

“partner in the fight to end global slavery.”

Partnership is the only way we will end modern slavery in our country. This isn’t a fight or a race we can run alone, without help, insight, and shared resources and passion.


Government Partnering to End Modern Slavery

The quest to end modern slavery is a formidable challenge, one that transcends individual efforts and necessitates global collaboration. With an estimated 50 million people in bondage, it’s a stark reality that confronts us all. Notably, over 60% of these individuals are in the Asia/Pacific region, a key trading partner for Australia. This geographical closeness underscores the significant impact Australians can have in this global fight.

The government, in partnering with NGOs and survivors of modern slavery is critical for effective policy development. These partnerships are essential to ensure that the voices of victims and workers are heard and integrated into policies and strategies. Survivors provide invaluable insights into the realities of slavery, helping to shape more targeted and empathetic responses. NGOs, with their on-the-ground experience and expertise, act as vital intermediaries, bridging the gap between survivors and policymakers. Together, they can foster a more informed and human-centric approach to legislation and enforcement strategies. This collaboration not only aids in creating robust anti-slavery policies but also ensures that the needs and rights of survivors are prioritized, paving the way for more comprehensive and sustainable solutions.


Businesses Partnering to Have Impact

At The Freedom Hub, we understand that ending slavery is not a task we can undertake alone. It’s a complex, deeply entrenched issue that requires a concerted effort from governments, businesses, consumers, and civil society. Our approach focuses on partnering with businesses to identify and mitigate the risks of slavery in their operations and supply chains. This is crucial because modern slavery is often hidden in plain sight, woven into the everyday fabric of business and trade.

Our partnerships are designed to educate and train businesses to recognise the signs of slavery and respond effectively. We believe that by raising awareness and equipping organisations with the right tools and knowledge, we can collectively make a substantial difference. Australian businesses, given their trade connections with the Asia/Pacific region, are uniquely positioned to lead this change.


Consumers can also Partner

Moreover, consumer awareness and action also play a pivotal role. Every purchase decision can be a stand against slavery. By choosing products and services from companies that prioritize ethical practices, consumers in Australia and beyond can exert pressure on businesses to operate responsibly.

In conclusion, the fight against modern slavery is a shared responsibility. It requires a multi-faceted approach, where partnerships and collaborations are at the forefront. Through education, advocacy, and ethical business practices, we can make strides towards a world where freedom is the norm, not the exception. Join us at The Freedom Hub as we work towards this vital goal.

If this is something you’d be interested in doing to partner in this fight, you or your business can enquire here.


“Everyone deserves a fair wage in every country they work in. If we pay the right price for goods and services, we help by rewarding businesses who pay their workers fairly”

– Sally Irwin, TFH Founder

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