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Ethical Business Directory

On this page, you will see a list of businesses who have chosen to lead the change in human rights in business. We can end modern day slavery within Australian borders and impact global slavery. These businesses have chosen to work with The Freedom Hub to begin the process of transparency* in the supply chain.

*While The Freedom Hub is supporting these businesses in their ethical journey, we are not responsible nor do we audit the outcomes or statements made by these companies on Modern Slavery.

5 Stars

“Thank you so much for this morning. It was really helpful to have something we could do immediately as well as an easy-to-follow list of things you did to produce your Modern Slavery statement. I found everything really valuable but having the practical step-by-step approach made it feel much more achievable,” 

Dan the Man Catering

“I was honoured to be a part of the workshop. It was such an insightful look into how to physically report voluntarily. I will definitely be recommending to anyone who is (or isn’t!) looking to lodge a voluntary report,”

The Ethical Merch Co.


Stories of Freedom

How to Start the Modern Slavery Conversation

Last week, we published an article discussing the significance of knowledge and education, emphasising its role in future advocacy and action. Now that we are (sadly) coming to an end in our 16 Days of Freedom series. Where we have introduced and discussed, in detail,...

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How To Shop Ethically For Christmas

As we march farther and farther into the holiday and Christmas season, it can be rather easy for us to get swept up in all the big, shiny, mass-produced products to purchase as gifts. It’s easy to find the most marketed items, the cheapest clothing, the newest...

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