Human trafficking and slavery are not a commonly talked about issues in Australia. We think of it as something that happens in other countries but never our own.

The truth is, human trafficking is a big issue in Australia today. According to the 2014 Global Slavery Index, we currently have 3,000 people in modern slavery. Enter Sally Irwin. After spending time in Berlin volunteering, Sally saw the horrific effects of slavery.

Learning more and more about the issue of slavery in Australia, a fire was ignited in Sally motivating her to do something.


The cafe opening & some of the great food they offer. Instagram @freedomhuborg

The cafe opening & some of the great food they offer. Instagram @freedomhuborg

That’s when Sally founded The Freedom Hub, a registered charity that provides a place for survivors to go, be supported, trained, encouraged and prepared for the workforce.

In late March they launch a social enterprise cafe, from which 100% of the cafe profits go towards supporting people who have experienced human trafficking in Australia. Sally’s vision is for the cafe to “expand throughout Australia”, as they are on a mission to “rebuild the lives of people who have experienced human trafficking and slavery-like practices in Australia and partner in the fight to end global slavery”.

Since launching the challenge has been getting the word out there that the cafe is open for business, but they are proving that they are masters of leverage, “we are doing letterbox drops locally and asking all my networks to post about us on social media” says Sally.

Nearly two hundred people invested in seeing this cafe built, and by 2018, Sally is aiming to have it open in Brisbane and by 2020 in Melbourne as well.

Whenever Sally faces moments of doubt, she hangs out with fellow Entourage students who know and understand the challenges that you can be faced with when running your own business. “The community has been essential to helping me believe I can do this. The workshops have taught me many new skills and given me a foundation to work from”.