The Sydney Cafe Ending Modern Slavery

This story and video is put together by Huffington post. It tells the back story on how the Freedom Hub began.

“It’s estimated there are 4,300 people living in modern slavery in Australia. While the government and charities like The Salvation Army work at rescuing these people, Sally Irwin realised there was no aftercare in place to help these people assimilate back into society and regain their confidence.

So she founded The Freedom Hub, a school to teach survivors these skills, and a cafe where 100 per cent of the profits go into sustaining the charity and helping people move on with their lives. You can donate to The Freedom Hub here. Cafe location and information can be found here. The Sydney Cafe Where 100% Profits Go To Ending Slavery. Watch the video on this cafe ending modern slavery. ”


About our Cause

Human trafficking and slavery happens within Australian borders and this makes us angry. We are determined to fight this crime in our country so why don’t you join us?

This is Australia. The “lucky country” so how can we allow this to continue?

The Freedom Hub exists to help people who have experienced this crime and we partner in the fight to end global slavery.

​We do this by…

  • running a Survivor School for rehabilitation
  • a café/event venue to help fund the school
  • a slave free retail range for ethical shoppers
  • and we collaborate with partners to help end this crime

About our Cafe

The Freedom Hub Café is an urban escape where you will instantly feel freedom from daily pressures. Our café makes you feel at home immediately. With its chic French industrial styling, luscious lounges, comfy cushions and various sitting areas for chatting with friends. Or you can host your meetings with free Wi-Fi. Sip speciality coffees and Australian sourced teas; the food is healthy, ethically sourced and supports local Australian business. 100% of profits go towards supporting survivors of modern slavery.

You can join us and help buy donating or shopping in our ethical gift shop.