After 4 months being part of the Freedom Hub teams, our lovely interns Vanessa Wilson and Rebecca Sorrel, will greatly be missed.

From left to right: Sophie Janssens (HR Manager), Vanessa Wilson, Rebecca Sorrel, Emma Larsen (School Principle)

Bringing tremendous support, along with their enthusiasm and great social work knowledge, Vanessa andRebecca definitely put their heart and soul into work. Involved in the coordination of various holiday activities and regularly supporting survivors during swimming and computer skills classes, they experienced the rollercoaster of working with people with trauma.
From extreme joy and satisfaction of witnessing any big or small achievement, to the worry and stress of more unexpected and challenging experiences, they demonstrated great dedication and commitment to the ladies in their care.
Studying a Bachelor of Social Work at Western Sydney University, Vanessa also developed measurement tools evaluating the impact of the Survivor School classes on the survivors, measuring their individual progress whilst in our care. This study is fantastic material and has immense value for the Freedom Hub, as it shows evidence of the impact of our approach, which can further support future grant and other applications.
Rebecca looked into the Survivor School systems and processes, creating manuals and teachers handbook, for smooth training and handover. With a Master of Social Work with the Australian Catholic University (ACU), Rebecca is now considering a career in multicultural settings, to support people to achieve good levels of well-being, and meaningful and inclusive lives within their communities.
Vanessa and Rebecca were really grateful and humbled by this experience, and will definitely stick around and come reinforce our team of volunteers.
Thank you both for your lovely energy and all the best…