By Sally Irwin

We have received two grants to expand our school interstate. 100Women and Westpac have supported us to make this happen. It will start small, with a handful of survivors and a transition coach. As many victims of slavery in Queensland are spread across this vast State, we are also looking to trial distance learning opportunities.

Lexis Nexis have been working hard on developing our “Australian Culture” course into an e-learning format ready to launch in 2019. This will provide a new entry gateway to our school for survivors all over Australia.

With a new Transition Coach employed in Sydney, we are launching a new monitoring system, to give us measurable social impact results by the end of 2019.

Want to further support survivors of modern slavery throughout Australia? Goods, work and outings opportunities, your time or money, your contribution definitely makes a difference! Reach out, donate, support the Freedom Hub and help survivors of modern slavery in Australia rebuild their lives.