Well it has been a flying start to 2019. There is so much to do! I am not sure I will ever feel undaunted by the responsibility on our shoulders helping victims of modern slavery recover. Recover from their trauma, navigating their daily problems and helping them try to see a bright future.

Depression looms, financial pressures can be overwhelming and the never departing fear, are just some of the troubles we help them deal with daily.

In SE Queensland, we have four new victims of modern slavery to rehabilitate. Two are still trapped and we are working hard to help facilitate their freedom. This is not easy. In Sydney, we have new survivors referred to almost every week. We currently sit at a total of 39.

You can help.

I would really appreciate your help with the 6 new survivors of modern slavery we have taken on in the last month. If you are in a position to help financially, it will make a world of difference. Being self-funded, we need to find the resources to pay for their rehabilitation. This includes legal fees, mental health and medication etc. We are very fortunate to have professionals who help with low fees and some offer pro bono. But we still need around $6,000 per survivor to help facilitate their freedom, set them up, and help them recover enough to live independently with a job.

On a brighter note, we are committed to working hard to achieve our goals. They include providing every Australian an opportunity to do something about this crime; join the fight to end slavery in Australia and rehabilitate victims in every State of Australia.

If you like to learn more about what we do, watch this CNN Freedom Project video.

Thank you so much for your continued support. I hope I will see you at one of our functions or cafes soon.

Warm regards,