Partner to end Modern Slavery? 


How has the pandemic made this a huge battle?

The third arm of our social purpose is to ‘partner in the fight to end global slavery.’ Partnering is the only way we are going to end this crime.

The official pre-pandemic figure of 40million in slavery is based on 2017 & 2018 research. We believe as more and more figures surface that the next post-pandemic figures will look more like 60million. The main economic drivers of modern slavery are poverty, loss of work, and displaced people eg refugees/migrants.


“With 400million people out of jobs due to covid, and poverty reaching an all-time high; we know the next Global Slavery Index and ILO figures will be dire.”  Sally Irwin, TFH Founder



Make a Difference through Partnerships

But there is hope.

We can ALL do something about this. Because 75% of the slavery in the world is in the Asia Pacific and that is our shopping ground. Australia’s businesses, consumers and government can carefully consider their spending, their investments, and their partners. Australia’s Modern Slavery Act was established to force large entities with over $100million in revenue to report on their impact in these areas. However, The Freedom Hub is working hard to help ALL entities and consumers to take action and partner to have an impact on this terrible inhumane situation our world is in. We do this by partnering with them in training their people, guiding them through their processes, assessing their risk and advising on measurement tools so they can see the effectiveness they have in ending modern slavery.


“Everyone deserves a fair wage in every country they work in. If we pay the right price for goods and services, we help by rewarding businesses who pay their workers fairly” – Sally Irwin, TFH Founder


Training on Slavery

Partner Modern Slavery

Partner NGO Training










According to the Commbank Consumer Insights Report – March 2022 consumers are looking for brands that work toward relevant causes. And what did Combank find to be the MOST relevant cause for consumers?

Fair Employment Practices!

That is what the fight to end Modern Slavery is all about and what the Modern Slavery Act was set up to do. Aligning with us demonstrates your entity’s willingness to go beyond the mandatory requirements by building a culture and values that your customers are looking for.



What has The Freedom Hub been doing to End Modern Slavery?

The year so far, we have been busy as we partner with like-minded businesses, schools, NGO’s and a few government procurement teams, who want to assess the risk of slavery in their supply chains and measure the effectiveness of the actions they put in place, to prevent risk.

So many businesses and organisations, just don’t know where to start! Fair employment practices vary from country to country.

In Q1 we trained and/or equipped:

  • 18 large entities that must comply with the Modern Slavery Act
  • 24 small entities that want to do the right thing and take action
  • 4 new large entities partnered with us long-term for guidance, training, and slavery risk reporting.
  • 180 NSW Legal Studies school teachers
  • 1 Sydney private School & 1 Regional University provided our team with multiple training sessions on slavery and the MS Act.
  • Our Qld team trained over 20 people of influence in 2 workshops
  • 175 NGO leaders around the world were trained in how to allow the Survivor Voice to impact policies, procedures and awareness.
  • 84 international students zoomed-in from around the world to be trained.


Pic of Teachers Learning

Training Legal Studies Teachers





TFH Partner Impact – Q1 2022

Our Q1 training and advocacy impacted 785 people directly. Therefore, as CEO’s, NGO’s and teachers they will have an impact many people under their influence. As a result, we have estimated a conservative social impact of 41,300 people learning about the issue of modern slavery. That is a large impact in the 10 weeks we worked in Q1. So many have learned the human, economic and social toll this crime has on our world and what they can do to partner in the fight to end it.



Direct partner Impact

Direct Partnering Impact

Indirect Partner Impact

Indirect Partnering Impact












Why Partner with The Freedom Hub?

Stats on Mindset shift

Commbank Consumer Mindsets – March 2022





How can you Partner to help end this crime?


1. We would love to send you are free pdf resource that will show you “How to Personally Impact Modern Slavery” and “How Business can Impact Modern Slavery” – click here to ask for the resource.

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