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Australia has introduced a new Modern Slavery Act (MSA) requiring large businesses to submit an annual Modern Slavery Statement and train their staff on the issue of modern day slavery.

The Freedom Hub is an Australian anti-slavery organisation, experienced in running a successful ethical business with slave-free supply chains. We use our profit to fight slavery within Australia and to help victims recover. This experience positions the Freedom Hub to be the ideal organisation to provide compliance training for all business enterprises, large and small.

Our MSA WORKSHOPS are for small businesses under $50 million in revenue, who want to submit a voluntary statement.

We also offer specialised help to large businesses who need guidance on where to start or need staff training in compliance.

Small business will want to DIY as much as possible to save money. We will ensure you have the practical ‘how to’ on checking your supply chain for risk of slavery. We will equip you with a clear understanding of compliance with the law, and help you begin to write your MSA statement. We will show you how to leverage these new market opportunities, how to be a purpose-driven business, how to increase sales through ethical values and how to be a leader within your industry. 

For businesses over $50 million in revenue who must comply with the law and submit a statement, we can train your employees on Modern Slavery and help you with REMEDIATION processes. Every entity is different so a one on one chat would benefit large organisation more. We can also help you discern your risks of slavery and develop the next best steps for your company. 



These businesses can submit a voluntary statement and be listed on the public register. Find out more.



These businesses must comply with the legislation. Book a Chat with us.

Delivering Results

The Freedom Hub has taught about modern slavery to many organisations including:

Google Sydney
Oracle Sydney
L.E.K Consulting
Lexis Nexis
Holding Redlich Lawyers
NSW Hospitality Tech Teachers
Kenvale Hospitality School

Training Benefits

Improved brand image (people before profit)

Attract quality employees with strong values

Help to eliminate GLOBAL Modern Slavery

Engaged staff whose work now has a purpose

Increased trust among stakeholders and potential customers

Be a part of the Freedom Hub’s network of over 120 trained or partnered organisations

          Our Presenters

The Freedom Hub

  • The Freedom Hub café and event space has become renowned for its ethical procurement policies and collaborative partnerships with businesses who have ethical values
  • The Freedom Hub Survivor School has been working with victims of slavery in Australia for 10 years. We know how to identify slavery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What workshops are you offering?

– On site workshops: at one of our venues

Our next workshops are taking place monthly August to December 2019. Please click ‘Book now’ above for more details.

– On demand: at your venue (20+ people)
– Online workshops: to save travel (10+ people)
– Student/College Seminars: at your University or TAFE

For more information about our on demand, online and student options, please contact


All workshops are 2 hours long, including a 15 minute break.
This is practical training; not a seminar.


Introduction and Overview (1 hour):

  • What is Modern Slavery and how does the new Modern Slavery Act affect my business?

Practical application (1 hour):

  • How to begin mapping and researching your supply chains
  • How to begin to write your statement – we go step by step through the requirements
  • Learn how to write your supplier code of conduct, policies and Whistleblower response
  • Learn how to write your HR policies
  • Learn how to leverage the new market opportunities of ethical supply chains


Please click ‘Book now’ above to see more details on pricing.


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