Standing out in Sydney’s coffee scene isn’t easy. But our locals keep coming back for our Freedom Fighter coffee. And here are just three reasons why.

1. It Packs a Delightful Punch

Our own blend Freedom Fighter Coffee makes itself known with its dark roast. You truly get more bang for you buck with this delicious cup of joe.

Paired with our Black Eagle coffee machine your coffee is fine tuned to make sure it is extracted perfectly.

There is a lot more time and effort that goes into your morning coffee than just extracting the shot and heating some milk. Its science, and baristas are the mad scientists experimenting, changing and developing new recipes every day.

2. No Slavery in our Supply Chain

Our coffee has been sourced from a farm supporting rescued child soldiers. That’s why we called it Freedom Fighter Coffee!

By purchasing this coffee you not only help these vulnerable children, but you also support the work we do at The Freedom Hub. All profits from our coffee support people who have experienced slavery here in Australia.

We are striving to be an example for other coffee shops to follow, not just basing their coffee beans off taste on whats the cheapest, but one to support sustainable farming and fair wages for the workers.

Nothing tastes better than an ethically sourced coffee!

3. Have it your way

Making sure you have a perfect cuppa each time is also looking at the various types of milks we provide and how our coffee interacts with it.

Customise your coffee any way you’d like, with a variety of options from 7 different types of milks (from soy to lactose free or plain old full cream milk) from our syrups to add some delicious flavours to brighten up your day! It is a safe space here, no judgmental barista’s! If you’d like a weak almond latte with some vanilla we will be happy to make it. 

If you’re not sure what coffee you’d like just ask one of our staff. We are here to help and have experimented with a range of coffees and drinks alike to make sure everyone is smiling. We also offer a range of non caffeinated beverages if that’s more your speed. For a health kick we have unsweetened turmeric lattes, chai’s with so many spices we couldn’t list them all and of course the classic hot chocolate.

So why not come and try out our award winning ethical cafe in Waterloo, Sydney or Palm Beach, Gold Coast.

To find out more check out our website or join us in the change for good by subscribing here.

Written by: Bonnie