Violation of Labour Rights will Increase Modern Slavery.

The International Trade Union Confederation, says billions of people are ‘informal workers’ with no labour rights. And this is causing even more abuse and exploitation during COVID. This is because many countries are amending labour laws to boost business getting the most out of workers to keep costs low. This is a concerning red flag for the increase of modern slavery. This Thomas Reuters article explains the crisis in full ….

“Labour rights are being eroded worldwide as more countries deny workers the ability to strike, unionise and negotiate better terms, a global trade union said on Thursday. Warning that the coronavirus pandemic could lead to further setbacks. Violations of labour rights have hit a seven-year high. As a rising number of governments have prevented workers from forming unions or collectively bargaining, the Global Rights Index by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) revealed.

About 2.5 billion people – more than 60% of the world’s workforce – are informal workers. Therefore leaving them particularly at risk of being underpaid, overworked and abused, the ITUC said. Activists and academics have warned of a rollback of labour rights in global supply chains. With workers forced to accept worse conditions with fewer jobs available and factory bosses accused of using coronavirus staff culls to fire union members.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many countries, including Brazil, India and Mauritius, have amended labour laws in a boost for the private sector at the expense of workers, the ITUC said. Several states in India, for example, are suspending laws on the length of the working day, minimum wage, and worker unions, while Brazil passed measures in March that deny millions of workers the right to collective bargaining.”

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What can We Do About this?

It can be overwhelming to think about others in crisis when we have so many of our own problems. However, if we lose our compassion for others, a part of dies on the inside. Everyone can do something either big or small to help someone who is worse off than themselves.

When you go shopping think about where the product is produced. If it is really cheap, you can almost bet the cost has been paid by another human being abused. Paying a little extra can prevent the cycle of poverty. And it can improve economies. Plus it will usually give you better bang for your buck in the long run.

The Freedom Hub offers loads of different ways you can ‘give back’ to the community and help victims of modern slavery. Find out how here.

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