Reject Slavery and End Racism

We are all shocked and in horror of the racism that we are seeing on our screens right now. As we grapple with the way forward in campaigning that Black Lives Matter; we all need to be thinking what we can to reject slavery and end racism. This interesting opinion piece compares how slavery has been justified in the past and how it is being justified today. It forces us to think hard about why we need to reject slavery from the past as well as in the present because ultimately it is racism. Excerpt follows…

“The recent Black Lives Matter protests have underlined our generation’s rejection not only of slavery, but its artefacts, symbols and legacy.

But this outrage does not seem to extend to the present day, and the modern slavery that is often as widespread and brutal today as the old slavery was in the past. Modern slavery is not a distant nightmare in pockets of the world’s most impoverished countries: Some of our highest growth economies and most popular products are built on it, and we must leverage our international institutions to eliminate, rather than enable, this crime.

This comparison between slavery in different periods may seem farfetched, but it is important to remember how slavery – past and present – was justified. Traditional slavery was rationalised by the alleged inferior psychological status of the victims. Modern slavery often depends on the perceived economic inferiority of those affected. This is not to say that the current outrage at the past is not valid or productive, but it is perhaps hypocritical of us to disavow something from our past while benefiting from its modern incarnation.”  Read the entire article.

We can be the Change and Reject Slavery today

If we lose our compassion for others, a part of dies on the inside. Everyone can do something either big or small to help someone who is being abused and in slavery today.

When you go shopping think about where the product is produced. Is it really cheap? Well if it is you can almost bet the cost has been paid by a human being abused. Paying a bit extra can help prevent the cycle of poverty. And if we all do it, it can improve economies. Plus it will actually give you ‘better bang for your buck’ in the long run.

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