The annual Freedom Hub VIP event on October 5th, was a huge success! Bringing together our biggest supporters and influencers in the ‘modern slavery world’. This incredible night was the perfect occasion to celebrate the recently adopted anti-slavery legislation, the release of the Global Slavery Index and of course the great work and results of the Freedom Hub in supporting survivors of modern slavery in Australia.

Luke McLeod, Sally Irwin, Grace Forrest

Our Sydney ethical cafe turned into a stunning art gallery. All the pictures were framed photos taken by Grace’s Forrest (our guest speaker). Each picture illustrated modern slavery around the world.

With a total of over 100 guests, a mix of corporate tables and individual bookings, the venue was absolutely buzzing.

Luke McLeod, long time friend and supporter of the Freedom Hub, was our emcee, revealing throughout the night the many surprises we put together for our VIP guests.


The Entertainment

What a privilege to have the most exquisite performances! The formidable Peter Cousens‘ (lead singer in the Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables) filled the room with passion and emotion. Live artist Sarah Rowan created a masterpiece during the night. She sold her masterpiece as part of our auction later in the evening.

Peter Cousens – actor, singer, director.

Live Artist Sarah Rowen







It was a very special treat to celebrate how far we’ve come in the fight against modern slavery. Of course keeping in mind there is still a long way to go.  The Walk Free Foundation founder and UN Goodwill Ambassador, Grace Forrest was our guest speaker. She was unraveling before us her work to raise awareness and fight against human trafficking. She reminded us of our responsibility, as consumers, to always consider the impact of our choices on other human beings. In the recently published Global Slavery Index, she reveals the latest and shocking figure of 15000 cases of modern slavery in Australia in 2018.

Sally Irwin, founder of the Freedom Hub, also came on stage and shared some of our survivors success stories. She gave examples of how the Survivor School consistently changes lives. This was reminding us of the purpose and mission of the organisation.

Grateful Thanks

Gavin Irwin, Paul Green, John Anderson (left to right)

Sally also invited us to raise our glass to the recent NSW Modern Slavery Act, supported in Parliament by Hon. Paul Green, who was also present on the night. The new legislation will have a massive impact on all businesses in Australia. With systems and processes already in our cafes, the Freedom Hub and its legal team is now proudly offering support for companies to comply with the new legislation.

Finally, Sally expressed her gratitude to all our supporters, donors, sponsors, and volunteers, without whom the Freedom Hub wouldn’t be able to continue its mission of helping survivors of modern slavery in Australia rebuild their life.

The Auction

Last but not least, led by our beautiful auctioneer Angelica Nohra from Direct Wine Cellars, the live auction was the opportunity for our VIP guests to further participate, making a difference while purchasing amazing items. Amongst those very special items, an extra special one… the Ballerina! Original painting from one of our survivors, the Ballerina raised $2500, 100% donated to the author. We couldn’t thank enough all our sponsors, who generously donated those items, supporting the Freedom Hub raising the funds for the Survivors School.

What an incredible and successful event! $28000, is the amount raised that night. 100% supporting survivors of modern slavery in Australia!

Thank you all for your participation and supporting the Freedom Hub in its fight against human trafficking and modern slavery.