Born from the collaboration with TaylorCare Recruitment, our first Fivers 4 Survivors on October 12 was a real success!

When Kate Taylor, CEO of TaylorCare Recruitment, applied for the RCSA Corporate Social Responsibility Award, little did she know that her personal involvement and initiative to support the Freedom Hub would not only make her win the award. But also this award inspired this incredible project, now known as Fivers for Survivors.

Forced labour is one of the major cases of modern slavery. Recruitment agencies and employers have a big part to play in raising awareness and setting standards to keep this crime out of the employment circuits. Over 65 companies answered our invitation to be part of the Fivers for Survivors campaign. They received the media kit supporting them to create their own event in the office.

How wonderful to see teams getting together. Each proudly standing for the cause and sharing their support to the Freedom Hub on social media!

Our Waterloo cafe turned into headquarters for this operation, where Sally Irwin and supporters of the Freedom Hub broadcasted updates on Facebook live every hour. Updates on #Fivers4Survivors events around Australia where on the agenda. The Freedom Hub actions to raise awareness and end modern slavery, as well as the amount of money made on the day!

What better way to encourage people to create #smallchangebigeffect ?! Donating $5, $50, $500 at the time, individuals and the 25 companies who confirmed their participation raised exactly… (drumroll!) $5555!

Thank you very much for your participation and join us next year, for the next edition of #Fivers4Survivors.

Do you want to register for #Fivers4Survivors 2019? Want more information? Contact us at