We are all excited to be out and about again. But being COVID safe is essential to preventing a second wave. Who would never have thought earlier this year, that choosing the cafe you go to, could be so critical.

Is your local cafe COVID SAFE?

Here is a list of eight things to look out for to be sure you are safe.

Keeping The Freedom Hub Cafe COVID safe is a high priority.

1. Social Distancing: One of the many benefits of our cafe is the large 383sq mtr space we have in the inner city! A rare sight indeed! As a result, in complying with NSW government regulation we can have up to 57 people in at one time. And we are maintaining the 4 square meter rule. We have plenty of cozy spots by the tables at the windows to catch that winter sun. Or the couches and lounges at the back under the heaters. Either way we have seating to suit any needs.

2. cleaning, Cleaning, CLEANING! Did we mention we are cleaning around the clock? After every customer has enjoyed the ambiance of our wonderful cafe, we sanitise. And we clean the tables along with the seating (back and sides of the chairs). Also, we regularly sanitise areas that our customer base (and our staff) come into contact with such as handrails, counters, EFPTOS machine, and the bathrooms. Along with our staff who already were practising safe handling of food are now extra cautious provide the best/cleanest hospitality. 

3. Keeping up with the latest news: Here at The Freedom Hub we make sure to keep up with the changing regulations. And suggestions by the NSW and Australian government are enforced. When you pop in you’ll see some wonderful butterflies decorating the floor to make sure our customers are social distancing (1.5 m apart). We also have signs everywhere just incase you forget some of the new guidelines!

4. We have completed our COVID safety plan required by the government.

5. ALL of our staff have passed and received the COVID safety certificate.

6. Upon entry we have a sanitising station for all guests to make use of. This has sanitiser as well as extra’s such as plastic gloves you might choose to wear and tissues. Peace of mind.

7. Staff will wear gloves throughout the cleaning process to avoid any contamination.

8. Any staff that feel unwell are not permitted to work and are recommended to stay home and isolate until symptoms have passed or been tested.

Your safety is our Priority

You are important to us and we love having you back at the cafe. So these are some of our measures in keeping our cafe COVID safe. You can sit and sip the best coffee in the area with complete peace that you are safe.

We appreciate your patience in us adapting to these new guidelines, it’s a strange time we live in but if we are all follow the guidelines we can all work through this.

We look forward to seeing you in our award-winning ethical cafe soon, many things may of changed but our great coffee, food and ethos hasn’t.

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