We all use products every day that are made from mica. But most of us are unaware that this mica may have been acquired through the worst forms of child labor.

From its use as an insulator in our computers, phones, and other electronics; to its use in cosmetics and paints on automobiles. Mica is an important resource in the global economy.

2021 is the UN year to end Child Labour. But the sad reality of Covid is that child labour has become worse. Due to the worsened poverty Covid has created and the inability to audit supply chains. So as consumers we need to be aware of what we are buying and where it comes from. This is so we can reduce the demand for child labour.

We must keep the pressure on governments and businesses to ensure that Mica is mined according to basic human rights standards instead of forced labor and exploitation of children.

We have written a report that will inform you:

  1. of the basic properties and uses of mica,
  2. where it is mined.
  3. the connection of child mica mining to modern slavery.
  4. and finally, what we can do to put a stop to child labor


We hope you will take the time to read this report (link below) to understand this serious human rights issue. Join us in the fight to end child labour and slavery.

TFH Child Mica Mining Report

Written by Allen Hill

(Reuters Photo/Nita Bhalla)

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