‘The Big Day”; “when all your dreams come true”; “a moment you been waiting for all your life” … A wedding can be a beautiful commitment between those who love each other, but it can come with unwanted stress and worry. If that’s you and you are on your wedding journey, it’s okay! Many times, we have these feelings because we care. We care about how our guests feel, we care about how our partner feels; we care about how we feel. Throughout life, we all get stressed out at one time or another, or maybe frequently, but you have gotten through it- planning a wedding is no different.

Here are some ideas to keep you calm even in the most chaotic of wedding moments.


Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Weddings are very personal and unique to each couple. This also means that reasons for marriage can differ. If you are part of the wedding couple remind yourself why this choice is being made. By doing this you are making these reasons your top priorities in the wedding and its planning. This will ensure the event connects to your core feels about it. You can write a list where you keep the wedding plans to look at them any time. Or you can keep the list on your phone or even stick notes to catch your eye as you plan.

If you are someone related to the couple who has been asked to help plan, remind yourself of your love and support for them. Of course, you want to do your best for them, but if we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t help anyone else. Keep in mind what those getting married would like, and do your best. You can only do your best when you have no stress, so look after yourself.


Step Away

Taking a break can totally leave your mind when you zero in on a project. And there are so many details of a wedding that can and or need to be chosen. But walking away, letting the issue drift from your mind, and focusing on something else can give you a renewed perspective once you revisit it. When you do step away try to separate from it mentally as well. If you keep going round and round in your head about it, you will never have a true break. Try doing something you enjoy. Like, watch a show or cook something you love. Other things that bring you joy normally, things that might be getting neglected in the wedding journey. And of course, working out or exercising is proven to help with stress. Try yoga or go for a hike! Nature will give you a breath of fresh air.


Ask for Help

If there are timely choices or issues that need to be handled, ask for help. Others can give you opinions and perspectives you didn’t consider before. And there’s no harm in it. If you don’t agree with what is said or it wasn’t a helpful conversation, it will help you at least decide what you don’t want. At the end of the day, it is your decision and you get to decide how much of your mental effort is spent on these choices.


Reframe your Mindset and What can You Control.

In reference to wedding planning, reframing your mindset would include looking at the problems in a different way. Things go wrong all the time and we find ways to still achieve our goals with a different approach. Maybe there is a catering company that can’t be used at your event, this could be an opportunity to look into other vendors that are new to you. By framing it this way you are associating this stress with the idea that it is not an end-all-be-all situation. But let’s be honest, something can just go awfully wrong and it had nothing to do with us. Those planning to get married in 2020 know this all too well. While these situations are saddening, there is nothing to be done about them. What we can do is figure out what is in our control and handle that to the best of our abilities.

Having a great venue with event planning can prevent a lot of stress. Because event planners have been through hundreds of weddings and have usually been through every “what if” scenario you have imagined.


Let your heart and your head guide how you handle the stress.

You are at a point in life where making big decisions, like getting married, has become somewhat easier. You know yourself and/or you are finding yourself. But chances are you have core values and goals. So, attempt to let them shine through no matter what you face in this journey. The day will be happy and filled with love as long as that is in the forefront of your mind and heart.

However, you end up dealing with your wedding planning stress is perfect for you, and no one can take that away. As long as you deal with it and not bury it. And as we mentioned asking for help is more than okay.


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Written by: Nicolette Bettuzzi