We would love to help you identify the areas you are at risk of slavery. With over ten years experience working with victims of this hidden crime, we know how to find it. With four years experience running and ethical business we know how to check supply chains.

Every business has slavery in it’s supply chain; but it is the transparent companies that will gain most from this new law. Increased confidence from stakeholders: customers, shareholders, employees and investors.

Identification is the first step to working toward addressing one of the worst human rights violations of our times.

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Stories of Freedom

Hotels and Slavery: Many Doors to Hide Behind

  Hotels provide a service that centers around appeasing guests. Whether it’s employees like maids and room service, or amenities like restaurants and pools. This industry wants you to travel to different places, enjoy your stay, then go home to recommend it to...

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What to do about Wedding Stress

  ‘The Big Day”; "when all your dreams come true"; “a moment you been waiting for all your life" … A wedding can be a beautiful commitment between those who love each other, but it can come with unwanted stress and worry. If that's you and you are on your wedding...

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