We would love to help you identify the areas you are at risk of slavery. With over ten years experience working with victims of this hidden crime, we know how to find it. With four years experience running and ethical business we know how to check supply chains.

Every business has slavery in it’s supply chain; but it is the transparent companies that will gain most from this new law. Increased confidence from stakeholders: customers, shareholders, employees and investors.

Identification is the first step to working toward addressing one of the worst human rights violations of our times.

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Stories of Freedom

Survivor Story: The Power of Connection

Connection is at the core of the work that we do here at The Freedom Hub. Unfortunately, like many businesses, lockdowns and stay-at-home orders had vast and lasting impacts on us, our survivors, our staff, our volunteers, our café, and the overall running of the...

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Survivor Story: Mother’s Group

One of the highlights for the Freedom Survivor School this year was the establishment of a Freedom Hub Mothers Group. We run this group weekly, with our mothers taking turns to host the group at their homes. Why host Mother's Group in their homes? Hosting Mothers...

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