Wedding Favors: Give your Wedding Guest a Token of Remembrance they will Love.

A wedding favour is a gift for the loved guests that attend your wedding. Often called a Bonbonniere. It is a special way to convey your love for them as they surround you on a monumental day. With thought and consideration, this token can bring another smile to their face now and possibly for time to come. Even a small gesture can go a long way, so let’s shower them with a little love.

This fabulous idea came from an Italian tradition of putting sugared almonds in a little tied-up bag. Somehow it has blown out to being everything from a jar of honey to a succulent or perfume.

The planner of this day should remember a few things when deciding on the wedding favor.  First, remember you don’t have to please everyone. It can be daunting and you might start to overthink it. Remind yourself this gift is to commemorate your day with those wanting to witness it. Also, you will want to keep in mind the overall budget for party favors and equally distribute that for your number of guests. Lastly, keeping any themes or colors consistent with the wedding. This will not only add to the aesthetic appeal but also be unique to your day- so get creative!



Here are some trending favour ideas:


  1. Sweet Treats

From your favorite candy bar to mints to a specialty box of small chocolates, just about any treat can be personalised. This can either be done through a variety of websites or even DIY yourself! If you don’t like the look of their original packaging, wrap it as a little present for guests. Also, a special little handwritten, stamped, or printed tag thanking the guest will make it feel unique. think of cake in a jar, jars of maple syrup, candy votives, donuts, or marshmallows.

We recommend avoiding chocolate because most cocoa in the world has child slavery in it. So unless you are an expert in knowing where to buy ethical chocolate, why risk it?


  1. Mini pull string bags or Mini boxes

An iconic party favor that can be filled with anything your heart desires. An edible treat is always enjoyed, but think outside the box, or bag. Dried flowers, confetti, or shreds of crinkle paper can accompany little things like Chapstick, enamel pins, or small polaroid photos of the couple. Also, these gifts allow guest to have the option of taking home the box or bag and use them again however they want.

We recommend our ethical herbal teas as a unique idea. Because they can’t be found anywhere else and they support our cause!


  1. Reusable Gifts

In this category, guests can use their favors throughout the wedding and for time after. Hand fans are a great favor for a wedding outside or if there is no AC in the facility. Wooden fans can even be personalized with a thank you or the date. Cups are another great reusable gift since guests will be able to hold onto them the entire time while their beverages get refilled. Then at home, they can do the same. There are many ways cups can be personalised. But for those not too keen to put their names on everything, stickers can be put on for the wedding and at home be removed by guests.

We recommend reusable gifts because they are better for the environment. And choosing Australian made reduces the risk of slavery and supports our economy.


  1. Realistic Gifts

Realistic gifts and reusable gifts can overlap, but realistic gifts cover more. Think of pens, people typically aren’t going to refill their pens. But it’s a gift that everyone will need, as they get lost so easily. Ordered pens can even be personalised as well! Another option is coasters, typically not used during the reception, but they can be a great memento for their morning coffee or bedside water cup.


  1. Sentimental Gifts

If you want to play guests’ heartstrings, a gift tied to the love that gathered on your special day would be the way to go. Candles are a great idea to represent the flame of love, in hopes each guest can light their own in time.  One might think this is too tricky of a gift since there can be so many scents to choose from. But keeping a simple clean scent can be a great gift. Another option would be some sort of small plant or even seeds. This would show the growth of either an individual person, a relationship, or even both. It all depends on each person’s personal motivations.

We recommend our ethically sourced hand-poured soy candles, made with no slavery and look stunning. Check out these pics:

ethical candles


Why Ethical?

As The Freedom Hub fights modern-day slavery, it would be remiss of us not to talk about why to choose ETHICAL gifts! Whatever you choose we think it is vital to think about the supply chain. Cheap products are often cheap because slaves have been used to make them. To avoid this try to choose a local Australian-made gift or a bespoke handmade gift. There are over 40 million people in slavery today and most of them are in Asia. Choosing products from these countries is a high risk that a child or someone is suffering to make the products cheap.

The Freedom Hubs “fully managed” event package includes help and advice on finding ethically sourced party favors and choosing ethically sourced food & beverage. On top of that, by booking your special day with the Freedom Hub, you are spreading the love to survivors of slavery and human trafficking in Australia. All the money that the Hub makes goes right back into helping these survivors reclaim the lives that were once taken from them. Why not bring the joy of a wedding to as many people as possible.



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Written by: Nicki Bettuzzi (a FH Volunteer)