Australia leads in eradicating Modern Slavery.

We are so grateful to be living in a country that prioritises human rights. We are even more grateful that we have a government that chooses lead the way themselves. They do not just expect businesses to comply to the new laws aimed at eradicating modern slavery.

This article explains:

‘Australian Government a world leader in eradicating modern slavery

The Australian Government continues to lead by example in the fight against modern slavery through the release of a scoping paper on the Commonwealth Modern Slavery Statement.

The Assistant Minister for Customs, Community Safety and Multicultural Affairs, the Hon Jason Wood MP, said: the
Modern Slavery Act 2018 was the only legislation in the world that required a Government to report on modern slavery risks in its procurement activities.

“The landmark Modern Slavery Act ensures Australia continues to take an international leadership role in eradicating modern slavery in our supply chains. And creates a strong foundation for future action,” Assistant Minister Wood said.

“The scoping paper explains how the Government will prepare the first Commonwealth Statement. And it provides an important example of how businesses and other entities can prepare to report under the Modern Slavery Act”.

The Commonwealth Modern Slavery Statement will report on modern slavery risks in the Government’s procurement. Also Government investment activities will be reports. The statement will also explain the steps taken to identify and respond to these risks.


The Freedom Hub is an Australian anti-slavery organisation. We are experienced in running a successful ethical business with carefully sourced supply chains. We use 100% of our profit to fight slavery within Australia and to help victims recover. This experience positions us to provide compliance training for all business enterprises.

Our Modern Slavery Act WORKSHOPS are for small businesses under $50 million in revenue and want to submit a voluntary statement. We also offer specialised help to large businesses with a revenue over $50million who need guidance on where to start and/or need staff training in compliance.

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