Fuji Oil Holdings commits to ending Child Labour in their Supply Chains.

Well this floats our boat! Another big company committing to ending child labour in their supply chain. Child labour is a terrible crime that robs kids of their childhood, education and health. The International Labour Organisation estimates that a staggering 152 million children worldwide are still involved in child labor today. Most of them, roughly 71 percent, are working in agriculture. Their work that can be dangerous and exhausting with long hours in the hot sun. Ending child labour in cocoa is essential. We all want to truly enjoy our chocolate.

‘While consumption of chocolate around the world is increasing there are a number of societal issues in West Africa, the main producer of cocoa beans’  Fuji Oil Holdings

“We will completely eradicate child labour from our cocoa bean and cocoa product supply by 2030” Fuji Oil Holdings

They are also promising to plant one million cocoa trees by 2030, address deforestation in their soybean sourcing and ‘resolve the societal issues facing the palm oil industry’. You can read more on how they plan to do this here.

Large Australian companies must now be transparent about their supply chains. And their risk of modern slavery. As a result we hope to see more and more producers look into their raw materials and how they are impacting vulnerable workers. Because this is an all around win. It is a win for the workers and the environment. It is a win for the producer as more companies will buy from them. And it is a win for the companies because their customers know they are ethical.

The Freedom Hub Ethical Business Services helps all businesses, large or small, to check for modern slavery in their supply chains and services.

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