Can you believe there is an Ethical Bread that is changing lives?

In an industry oversaturated with delicious bread options, how did we choose the right bakery to supply the Freedom Hub and provide the delicious carbs to keep our customers happy? Great question. This article tells you about our thinking process and why we chose the bread that our customers keep coming back for. This bread is actually changing lives and it will change yours too!

What sets us apart from your regular coffee shop is how we source our suppliers. In keeping with our ethos of ending modern day slavery, we needed to make sure we weren’t supporting companies with dodgy supply chains. We want to support other organisations that have similar values to us and only one social enterprise bakery came into mind (especially since they were Australia’s first).

The Bread and Butter Project has been partnered with The Freedom Hub Cafe since our opening in 2016. They make delicious artisan baked bread and we just love their sourdough. But you can buy great bread in many places, so why did we choose them?

Three reasons we chose this bakery:

  1. It’s supporting local business – We are passionate about supporting Australian business. We have a great country and our produce is amazing. Choosing local means, we can be in a close relationship with our suppliers and we can work with them on ensuring supply chains are free from slavery. The Bread and Butter Project are based in Marrickville, NSW. That is within 5 kms of our Waterloo cafe. They were a local start up, at the same time we were, and they have the same value of people first.
  2. Their products are incredible! Everything you would expect from their founders at Bourke St Bakery and their teachers from NSW TAFE Ultimo. Crunchy sourdoughs, brioche, specialty loaves and rolls and tasty pastries. All made with love and a purpose.
  3. 100% of their profits go into training refugees and asylum seekers to become bakers. Their bread is changing the lives of those who bake it. Add that to our purpose, and it is a natural win. Our profits, are donated to change the lives of the survivors of slavery we help. This bread is changing many lives.

So of course, it was a no brainer that we would support another social enterprise by buying their sourdough, rolls, muffins and croissants. Luckily with their ever-expanding range we can change up our menu items.

Pop in to our cafe to not only support our wonderful cause assisting survivors of human trafficking within Australia but also backing the training of refugees in the fabulous ways of baking.

We are in Young St, Waterloo. Find out More about our work.