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Q2 Update 2021


In this Q2 update, you will learn about how we are amplifying the survivor voices and restructuring our work to raise more awareness. You will also read about new roles in our survivor school, fundraising, and survivor needs.


Advocacy Multiplies Survivor Voices

It is hard to believe we are halfway through the year. We started the year with a vision for the national expansion of ambassadors and volunteers impacting the country. Shouting the news that slavery happens in Australia!

We are excited to report that already we have teams now in Sydney, Illawarra, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth, and Melbourne. Advocacy helps the survivor’s voices reach out into the community, businesses and helps with policy.

You might like to think about joining one of these teams. You just need to be passionate about advocacy, be able to give 2 or more hours a week of your time and be available on the 2nd Thursday night of every month for our teams’ meeting. Find out more or apply here.

If you would like to find out more about our Advocacy with corporates & businesses to end global slavery click here.

Here are some pics of volunteers at work:

volunteer pic

Brisbane Volunteers Planning

Volunteer pIc

Our South West Ambassador – Illakiya

volunteer pic

Our Sydney North Ambassador – Monique



















Survivor School News

As we move more and more of our survivor school curriculum online, we have had to restructure how we manage the school. As a result, we have split the management of the school into two main areas.

  1. Our Survivor Education Manager is now overseeing the school admin, classes, workshops, survivor journeys through the courses and is assisted by a great admin volunteer.
  2. Our Survivor Experience Manager is responsible for the mental health check-ins of our survivors and helping them with recovery from trauma if required. At the moment most of this is just listening to their voices and helping them with covid anxiety.


While these two new roles are settling in our CEO is onboarding survivors and managing employment pathways. If you wish to refer a survivor or talk to our CEO with regard to being an Employment partner please contact her here.

Here is a pic of our Survivor Journey through our program.

Survivor Journey



Survivor Voices

Ok so this is really Q3 news but we are a bit excited! It has been a goal for the Freedom Hub to have a Survivor Advisory board for some time. 2021 was going to be the year. We began to gather people who have experienced slavery in their past and are now thriving in life. To our delight, we discovered that the theme for this year’s UN World Day Against Human Trafficking was “Victim Voices Lead the Way”.


“We have gathered a group of survivors who want their voices heard; not to share their past but to see a better future for others. These voices will help provide the changes needed to make the world a better place.”  Sally Irwin – Founder


To find out more about how we have chosen the survivors on our Survivor Advisory Board and how we will be operating that board click on the link below…


Survivor Voice



If you would like to know more about the Survivor School Courses or how you can get involved as a volunteer, here is a brochure you can DOWNLOAD & READ.

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