Weddings, Babies and Vegan Treats: What do these things have in common?  That will be our Waterloo Venue. Our venue is a Cafe by Day & and Event Venue by Night! Find out more in this blog…..

August 2020 Café and Events Recap

Weddings are Back in our Venue

When March Covid restrictions hit all our weddings and events were postponed to 2021. We were relieved to have only had 2 cancellations. Because most people who book our venue want to  ‘give back’ and make a difference. So they stuck by us. With that as their key value, many couples are now realising they don’t want to wait a year (or more) to get married and they are re thinking. Smaller, more intimate, weddings are now the go. October and November are filling up. But in August we had two beautiful weddings and here are some of the pics. View a gallery of other event pics here.

Freedom Hub Wedding Venue Ceremony picthe wedding couple picFreedom Hub Reception Venue pic


Close up Wedding Venue Ceremony picFreedom Hub Venue Reception Set upWedding Venue Ceremony pic

A Venue Babies 

Enjoying being out of isolation, our cafe now has a regular mums group enjoying our spacious venue that is ideal for social distance socialising. Loads of room for high chairs, toys, prams and lounge chairs to relax in. Community and socialisation is so important for our mental health and for a young mum even more so. Having our large 383sq mtr warehouse and extremely strict cleaning and covid procedures (ummm our staff even have a Covid training certificate!) gives mums and customers peace of mind as they catch up with friends and work colleagues. Learn more about our how to know a cafe has correct Covid procedures.

In August we also hosted a beautiful Baby Shower. See Pics below. Oh and as an aside, we now have 5 babies in our Survivor School community. That’s right FIVE of our past survivors have returned needing our help in feeding and caring for their beautiful babies.

Welcome Mirror Baby shower VenuepicBaby shower Venue Welcome board picBaby Shower Feature






Vegan & Gluten Free Treats at our Waterloo Venue

Get excited … we have a new ethical supplier who has delicious Australian made and Australian sourced ethical ingredients that are HEALTHY > VEGAN > AND GLUTEN FREE !!!!!!! YES you read that right and we are very excited. checkout the pic below. Bet you want those in your tummy! Power Balls, Slices, Vegan Chocolate fudge, ohhhhh they are all so mouthwatering. Come in and try one with our slave free Freedom Fighter coffee.

Stacked high vegan treats pic

Gold Coast Venue Update

Weekends in our Palm Beach Cafe have been flying as the beautiful Gold Coast weather has kicked in and a fabulous group called ‘I lead with Heart” have taken on promoting our cause. We are so grateful for their support. Also during August this venue was certified ‘Ocean Safe’ due to our due diligence with have no single use plastic.

But we have some very sad news. Due to losing job keeper, mid week being so quiet and the lack of ability to fly to Queensland, we have had to CLOSE this cafe. We have had a beautiful few years there and it has served it’s purpose. It helped raise awareness, it help us get networked with many amazing community services, we raised an amazing bunch of volunteers to take us forward and it helped us help survivors of slavery in Qld.

So what now? If we can sell the cafe we will use the money to launch a very exciting program that is more Queensland focussed (rather than just GC). We can’t share it all just yet as we are locking in partnerships and we need to work out our funding. but stay tuned, The Freedom Hub is going to flourish in Queensland and help more people!

A huge thank you goes out to all our Queensland supporters.


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