Soy Candles


It’s a nasty experience walking into the house after a long day and being hit by the smell of the dog. Or maybe the boy’s footy boots, or your husband’s dead socks & jocs.

“When I get home I light one of these beautiful soy candles, sit down, put my feet up, and feel the stress of work and the smelly house disappear! It’s an experience of peace. Just for a few moments, I let the scent revive my body and my home – then I get up and get on with life!”

All profits help end modern slavery in Australia and help victims recover.

  • None of the toxic chemicals found in many other candles.
  • No women or children were exploited in factories to mass produce to keep prices low.
  • And no more panic when guests arrive unexpectedly.
Soy Candles that change more than your life.

All candles are

  • Ethically Sourced
  • Handmade Soy Candles
  • Made in Sydney
  • Made with Natural Fragrance Oils

A beautiful, thoughtful and ethical gift for birthdays, Christmas, or that time you would like to say thank you or I’m thinking of you to a colleague, family member or friend.

Each of our candles is inspired by our survivor’s powerful journeys of restoration. Each scent’s story touches on skills that we teach in our trauma-informed care-based programs. The candles’ messaging focuses on skills that we celebrate in the survivor school and highlights the techniques we use with our survivors to relax and deal with trauma. In doing this, we are able to highlight how these “feel good” reminders are actually essential skills that tie us together as humans and are required for hope. And beautifully, the profit from the candles allow us to support survivors to learn these essential skills through our Survivor School.


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