Herbal Tea​ | Calm | Organic | Ethically Sourced


Organic ingredients that calm the nervous system: Organic Chamomile & Lavender. Sleep tight!


Another popular ethically sourced herbal tea from The Freedom Hub. Relax after a long day and help your body sleep.

This blend is ideal before bed. Two organic herbs that help you relax: Organic Chamomile & Organic Lavender.

End your busy day with calming tea or heck if its a bad one having at midday!
Enjoy: Anytime of the day but this one is perfect before bed.
All our teas are sourced within Australia. High quality organic boutique tea.
They are blended by our Naturopath. Our tea packs are approx. 35grams and should provide about 30 cups of tea. Wholesale is available on request, 250g.
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Did you know there can be a bad taste to tea?

That is right. Most of the tea coming out of China and India has a high risk of forced slave labour, even child labour. None of us want to think about that as we sip our tea but it is a sad fact. Do the sums, how cheap tea (& coffee) can be.

So our teas are deliberately sourced here. So we know people are paid correctly for their work, and we can be sure no chemical sprays are destroying the environment.
The Freedom Hub gives 100% of profits made to help victims of modern slavery and run our Survivor School.