Finding work is always a challenge. But for survivors of slavery, it is even more challenging.

Over the years The Freedom Hub has established what we believe is “best practice” for survivors to re-enter the workforce successfully. We have a ‘stepping stone’ approach to the process.

Step 1: The survivor completes some of our “Recover & Rebuild” Survivor School courses successfully. And through those courses, their Education Coach sees a commitment to completing their studies, and the confidence required to re-enter the workforce without trauma.

Step 2: We then enroll them in our “Survive to Thrive” Program to prepare them for work readiness. This program has courses that prepare them for employment. So these courses equip them and include Office Skills, Effective Communication, ICT & Computer Skills and more. (see our Survivor Journey pic). It is essential that a survivor completes these courses before we provide them an Employment Pathway. We want to set them and their employer up for success.

Step 3: Pathways to Success Program. The Freedom Hub has partnered with Employers who are committed to providing our survivors an opportunity for paid work experience. Only the owner/CEO of the company and a designated ‘safe person’ (that we have trained), can know the employee has come from The Freedom Hub. This allows our survivor to go in with the confidence that their past is their own story and they are not viewed as a victim by others. The employment usually starts as a part-time role and builds to full-time as the weeks go by. The Employer and survivor provide feedback to the Freedom Hub coaches so we can help the survivor improve their skills as required.


Survivor Journey


If you would like to know more about this pathway or are an employer willing to train to engage in this vital work please contact us here.