16 Days Of Freedom

Woman picDuring our ’16 days of Freedom Campaign’ (aligning with UN ‘UNiTE’ Campaign), we are highlighting violence against women through the lens of modern slavery. It starts on the 25th November and ends on Human Rights Day on the 10th December.


Culture changes with Awareness.
Culture changes with Activism
                         And culture changes when people Unite.


Let’s change the culture of violence against women and girls by uniting with the UN and raising awareness in our own country.


We are asking all Freedom Hub supporters to be a part of this campaign by choosing one or two of the following options:

  1. Sharing our 16 daily blogs/social media amongst your networks > a large voice for culture change.
  2. Hosting a High Tea for Human Rights on Human Rights Day 10th December > register here.
  3. Creating your own campaign highlighting our work > tag @freedomhuborg
  4. Inviting people to the Freedom Hub Venue for a High Tea Experience > tickets here.


FYI – Eco Salons are running a campaign of their own! They are giving hand massages and some salons are running high teas to raise awareness!

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2020 – Campaign Topics

  1. 25th Nov – Today is UN Elimination of Violence Against Women
  2. 26th Nov – Statistics on Violence Against Women and Girl in Australia
  3. 27th Nov – Freedom from Forced Labour in Australia – a survivors story
  4. 28th Nov – The Freedom Hub Survivor School
  5. 29th Nov – Freedom from Sexual Servitude in Australia – a survivors story
  6. 30th Nov – What Does Freedom Mean to a Slavery Survivor? – comments from our survivors
  7. 1st Dec  – Freedom from Forced Marriage in Australia – a survivors story
  8. 2nd Dec – The Abolition of Slavery how far have we come? – Today is UN Day for the Abolition of Slavery
  9. 3rd Dec –  Why are Women and girls more Vulnerable to Modern Day Slavery
  10. 4th Dec –  Freedom from Sex Trafficking in Australia – a survivors story
  11. 5th Dec –  16days of Freedom Partners who are making a difference
  12. 6th Dec –  Hosting High Teas for Human Rights
  13. 7th Dec –  How to get involved on Human Rights Day this year
  14. 8th Dec –  How shopping can have an impact on freeing women and girls from slavery
  15. 9th Dec –  Now that I am Free – stories of lives changed in The Freedom Hub Survivor School
  16. 10th Dec – TODAY IN HUMAN RIGHTS DAY –  Join the Voice for Change


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  1. 16 Days of Freedom PDF Document (1)
  2. 16 Days of Freedom PDF Document (3)
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